Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Men of 50

If you are 50 and have no been engaged or marry, please do not get marry. As you are unhealthy living up single till 50, do not bring this sickness to the opposite sex.
If you are 50, and find that you had never seem to have something successful in your life, you are finished
If you are 50, and have not been to the KTV or massage in a Sauna, you should go for once.
If you are 50, don't follow the young one starring at woman, you are supposed ao be a sneir decent man, do not stare, peep them…
if you are 50, still can Commence not settle down for one or two happiest event you had had experienced, try not to push ourselves up to limit to the target..
If you are 50, seems that you have not done anything Big and Take makes you famous
You should go try doing something else.
If you are 50, go to funerals as many as you can, you will understand that one day, you will be part of the team in the heaven.

Sham Shui Po snob

Monday, June 6, 2011

After 600 Years, Shi Lang will be the First Chinese Sea Dragon

China May not soon, at long last, get its first aircraft carrier, After ten years of renovation, the former Soviet carrier Varyag Varyag-sister ship to the Kuznetsov could take into sea as the largest and grandest ships in the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). We think that China will build likely more say 5 aircraft carriers.
Casualty of the post-Cold War, the Varyag was laid down in the early 1980s, but construction was aborted in 1992 when the ship was 70% complete, Ukraine, which inherited it I after the break-up of Soviet Union, stripped the ship bare and left it exposed to the elements for several years.
In 1992 a Chinese delegation visited the Ukraine in the hopes of coming to terms on a purchase price of the unfinished vessel but in vain for the suitable price. In 1998, the Chong Lot Travel Agency, a supposed Macau firm, bought the Varyag from the Ukraine for $20 million dollars with the stated intention of making the Varyag a casino. Chong Lot had no offices in Macau and was simply a front company for a Hong Kong firm called Chinluck Holding Co. Ltd. It took three years for the front firm, Chong Lot Travel, CEO, related to PLAN, got permission to tow the Varyag through the Istanbul Straits and on to China in 2001
When the Varyag was finally sold via an intermediate company, then into China in 2001.
After ten years renovation including re-installed the electrical systems, re-constructed the bridge, the Varyag changed its name to Shi Lang, that China Navy may use it more as a research and Training platform for the future carrier designed and screws, rather than a fully functioning carrier..
At one time, the Authoritative Jane’s information Group speculated that the PLAN could build u to 6 aircraft carriers, commissioning the first by the 2015.
China is continued to plough considerate resources into Military modernization. Most Recently boosting its defence budget by 13%, to US$92B.
China is desparate in constructing a Fleet of Aircraft carrier, not just one Shi Lang, it would constitute revolutionary turn of events inters of expansion China Military power. That will result a great alter the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific Region. Still there are a lot of rumour that this carrier does not equipped with Arrestor gear for the aircraft landing... if that is the case, there will be only used for Choppers... Well I beleive China as the technology to build the Arrestor gear themselves, let's see.
This is a new landmark for China to debut the sea power in the region since the Cheng Wo, who took his fleet to conquer the Countries in the India, Middle East to East of Africa 604 years ago. That is the Rising of the Sea Dragon in the Seven Seas!
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Heartfelt woman's words from Cheung Oi Ling

The Following was some of the acute words from Cheung Oi Ling, who critizes the man. I was trying to do some direct translation and I found that is very difficult, after 13 sentences of them I gave up.
Well, on the other hand, I do not agree some of the way she described about us , the men... And
As at least I know some of the men is not behaving as what she said. As least I am one of them.
Some of us are really good and caring about the oppsoite sex. So I hope some pne who knows me who knows me would agree on what I am trying to say....

Word for woman from Cheung Oi Ling
1. 就算眼前的這個男人,千般好,萬般好,處處是優點,
他不愛你,這個缺點,你永遠改變不了 。
If this man has all kinds of quality, if he does not love you, you never can change it.
2. 分手時,不哭。當然,不是要你一點都不哭。
Don’t cry in front of him when he leaves you, you cry out loud only after he left.
3. 一個人最大的缺點,不是自私、野蠻、任性,
而是偏執的愛著一個不愛自己的人 。
Selfishness, barbarian, willfulness is not the worse drawback, To love someone who does not love you is!
4. 不管你的條件有多差,總會有個人在愛你。
不管你的條件有多好,也總有個人不愛你 。
No matter how bad your condition is, there is someone going to love you.
No matter how good your condition is, there is someone who does not love you.
5. 抓住男人的不二法門,應該就是,永遠不要讓他滿足。
To capture a man’s heart forever is never give him the full satisfaction.
6. 打扮的再美,穿的再昂貴,那只是個幌子,用善良做的外衣才是真的美。
Best Make up and most expensive dress is just a veil, kindhearted is the true beauty.
7. 如果我們責怪愛情傷害了我們,那請問,
Don’t blame love that hurts you, I am asking Did you say “yes” to accept love once it was being started?
8. 能開口說出的委屈,便不是委屈。能離開的人,便不算是愛人。
If you have said you put yourself in great inconvenience, that is not the great inconvenience. If he can leave you, he is not really loving you.
9. 所有愛著的人,愛過的人,都做著同一件事,犯賤。
The one who is loving someone, who has loved some one is hurting himself intentionally
10. 心裏能裝著一些時間帶不走的淡淡悲傷,也是一種幸福。
If you shoulder some sorrow that can not be washed away by time, this is a kind of Happiness.
11. 人永遠是寂寞而自我的生物。
Lonely heart and Egotism is what human being possesses, no matter how truly and heartily say your lovely feeling to him, perhaps still he could not understand.
12. 不卑不亢,從容優雅,面對一切。
Neither supercilious nor obsequious, face with all sort of grief gracefully
13. 一個人,如果沒空,那是因為他不想有空;
If he he says he is busy that is because he does not want to free himself for. If he says he cannot come to meet you, as he is not willing to meet you. If he has too many excises, that is because he does not care about you!
14. 有的事情,沒法說明。
15. 要明白一個道理,男人可是輕易的喜歡一個人,但不會輕易的愛上一個人。
16. 女人,戀愛的時候,就像,與世隔絕般。
17. 在風平浪靜的日子裏,留點空間給自己,留點空間給對方,留點美好給距離 。
18. 有的時候不要太計較,男人都有點粗枝大葉,
19. 女人,往往喜歡坦白心事,男人,則恰恰相反。
20. 有時候,學會把失望當做一種收穫,因為有期望,才會有失望。
21. 女人的心慈手軟,與男人的口是心非,成正比。
22. 不要妄想試圖改變誰,因為誰也改變不了誰,只有,他願不願意為你改變。
23. 張愛玲說過,時間,可以瞭解愛情,可以證明愛情,也可以推翻愛情。
24. 自由可貴,但是,每天數以萬計的人,在用自由換取愛情。
25. 你可以虛榮,因為,那是女人的天性,
26. 不要說,這世上沒個好男人了,不要去記恨那個拋棄你的人,
27. 不要去好奇,不要去關心,他的現任女友長得如何?身材如何?
28. 說過的話一定要做到,哪怕是很愚蠢的,也總比言而無信的好。
29. 不要在你哭泣的時候,說氣話,下決定,你會後悔的。
30. 他說,我累了,讓我冷靜一段時間,好嗎?
31. 你清純就罷,你假裝清純,比醜還難看,明白嗎?
32. 不是所有的努力都會成功,但是,不努力,就一定不會成功。
33. 女孩子要自愛,不管你遇到多大的打擊,不管你遇到的情況多麼悲涼,
34. 美貌、智慧、 金錢,很多事,都是天生註定的,
35. 小心眼、嫉妒心、仇恨、報復,女人的伎倆不過如此,
36. 放好心態,失去的東西,不要悲傷,你就當,他本身就不屬於你。
37. 儘量做個優雅的女子,千萬別做作,
38. 獨立,永遠。不管,感情還是金錢。
39. 嗯 ... 不要在哪幾個場合相信男人的話呢?
40. 不要想盡辦法的向很多人炫耀,你有很多男朋友或者男性朋友。
41. 不要整天問,你愛我嗎?當你問的時候,他就不愛你了。
42. 20歲以下,你相信偶像劇,那就算了。
43. 要知道,一個男人好與壞,不是看他花心還是專一,
44. 有沒有發現,往往刻骨銘心的愛戀。通常,沒有好結果。
45. 煙、 酒,從古至今,被公認為兩大毒藥。
46. 勇敢的女人,永遠比懦弱的女人美麗。
47. 善於妥協的女人,很寶貴。但是,只善於妥協的女人,很廉價。
48. 不要做女強人,要做強女人。
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