Friday, April 30, 2010

Smiling keeps Your Face Look Younger!

When I got my China Re-entry Card, I asked to the officer while she passed me the new card as attached on the Bottom one, "Am I Looking Younger than ten years ago!?  She looked at it, Smiled and said " Not bad!"

The Top one was my China Re-entry Card I got on year 2,000. and the Bottom one was I got on 28 Apr after I retuned from Shan Dong of China...

Look at that I am Old, Very Old Already, but my face does look that Old!

In the past 10 years my life has changed, I become more positive on my life, I smile and I make all kind of jokes to all women I met. Not Dirty Jokes!, They like to listen to them and I wouldn't like to stop telling them. I love them, and mesmerizing some of them...They keep my life yonuger, they keep me working harder as to pay for the extra expenses...

How is your life? do you feel bore? Do you feel stressed? How many Seconds you can get into sound sleep after you lie down in bed!?  Or Minutes, or Hours!?
Once I lie down on bed, I will go asleep in 10 seconds, the 11th second I will find me wake up the morning after... Had Some dreams sometimes. If you find your day boring, that is endangering  your life, everyday would be a hard day and if one day you can not tell jokes to the woman, or they wouldn't able to laught after your telling her... That is your problem... do think about it what's gone wrong with our life.

Keep smiling!

PS. Strange to see that the last digit of the Card number is "1" instead of "0", so there might be having problem when you use the card for opening bank account and or properties purchase in China.

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

121 years old Fever,

You look really young!

手工唔錯, 名字的顏色偏差了一點.


Feverip said...

Hi Caca, thanks for the comment,I need to practise more on the Photoshop. I am not like Kwan who is a computer freak! It was touched up by one of our colleagues Kim. Well, I am trying to make a smile when facing with any camera, as this is the most difficult task for me!

HK Snob