Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Landlord is a Dinorsaur In Hong Kong

When some of the new building hits a sky high 70,000 dollar per square foot in Hong Kong recently whereby only some of Mainland Chinese and local foreign speculators could pay for that. Their one bottle of red wine could possibly value someone ‘s annual income..! There are numerous people who cannot afford but have to stay in some of the illegal structure or building in Hong Kong. In HK, there are 200,000 unauthorized building works, these are some of them in the picture I took two days ago in Yau Ma Tei!

Only people can enjoy slightly the so called prosperity in Hong Kong of your personal annual income is more than US$500,000 (USD$64,000) or above. That is an equivalent of an ordinary manager in Hong Kong.

When the Government of Hong Kong is trying to register an unreasonable low hourly wage of HKD$20, that is a estimated monthly salary of HKD$4,160 which is a minimum rent for a 150 square foot cubicle in the area shown in the picture… leaving nothing in their hands for food, travelling and cloths… Is this kind of life be expected in the Richest Country in Asia…!??

May the one who is holding a bottle of 1959 Latour in the left hand and on the other hand holding a microphone at media radio to Bullshit the amount of HKD20.00 as the minimum wage?

HKD$33.00 an hour looks like more humane… In my mind… HKD$40.00 is minimum wages….however, we have to prepare the next coming side effect:

1. The illegal foreign low cost workers, immigration control should alert.

2. Short term of lay off for some short-sighted business man.

3. A loading increase to the worker says two men to work for three men!

4. The Negotiation of rental fare between the shop keeper and the landlords.

5. The Government should consider issue a new law to control the rent after the two years contracts. Now there is no such control and the landlord and estate developers is like a Dinosaur who can eat up the whole country’s economy!

Dinosaur's life style is to eat and to breed... a lot... but they need a lot of food to get their stomach stuffed!

May the Dinosaurs go extinct soon. Hunger is the killer for them.

HK Snob

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