Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cha Chaan Tang Culture

Attached is one of the order sheet in a Cha Chaan Tang in Tsim Sha Tsim, They do not use hand held device to take order, they ue some code taken manually

The slip contains the following informations:
Two cups of Milk tea
Two Pineapple Buns
One bowl of Chee Chai Noodles
One plate of vegatarian Rice (set lunch)

But I still do not understand what the " S" mean... will find out next time visiting the restaurant.
This is more or less the way they run business for many decades. This order slip is readable one as I have seen some that are totally illigible...The Cha Chaan Tang culture will carry on as they have all kinds of Customers expectation.
Fast, reasonable price, variety in food selection, no tippings, freindly environment, they will nto kick ou out after you finished you food.

HK Snob

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