Sunday, April 11, 2010

Celebration of Songkran Festival in Little Bangkok

 There is a celebration of Songkran Festival in Kowloon City Hong Kong. Starting from five pm Today, there are a few hundred Thais made they way to celebration of Songkran Festival in Kowloon City. They Throw water to each other happily, a pity that even Bangkok has withdraw this SongKran Festival this time because of the Red Shirt Protestor Riot on 14 Apr. (Thai New year) Kowloon City is the Little Bangkok in Hong Kong. Since the very first Thai Restaurant Thai Wah established in 1985, more and more Thai made their way to sell their Thai Cuisine there, now there are over 50 Thai restaurants there, early one was Thai Wah, Wong Chun Chun, Wong Lam lam are the famous one. I have been spending a lot of time eating there and my favourite Thai Dished is Yam Pha Dou Foo! ( deep fried minced cat fish served with peanut, dried shrimp, cashew nuts and topped up with some vinegar, chili and sugar.. That is the greatest Thai dish!! Yummy!

My wife (She2nd) used to go there for most of her time meeting friends and eating there,.. nowadays there are a lot Thai Bars…
Hong Kong has every things you got... not even in Bangkok!

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