Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peace in Thailand

Recently the Thai Incident troubles me as first wife is Thai and the second is Thai too, both of they are now in Thailand. I am closely listening to the news on papers and Yahoo that worries me...though both of them in not in Bangkok. And my first beloved daughter got a scholarship for an exchange student programme and she will fly to Australia for University studying for 1 month next week, I hope there will be no trouble in the Airport.
I still remembered that I was trapped in Chiangmai for two weeks as the last Red Shirts protectors occupied the Bangkok Airport 2 years ago.
Yesterday, there were over 500 causalities including 18 deaths…! That is the worst for past 18 years. Thai political turmoil is really giving most of the Hong Kong people some kind of psychronogical contamination that pull them back for visiting Thailand. Thailand is used to be one of the most favorite tourist spots as HK people love to eat their food and like to share their smile. The City of Angels is now requiring the King to put his hand to stop this or there would be more damages to Thai economy and worst effect is the damages of the tourists that may take years to re-gain the confidence to go again.
Peace is a blessing, and as most of the HK people are lucky as we never have this kind of riot since 1967… may peace will stay in HK and Thailand forever whereby my two families are there!

HK Snob

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