Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ten Problem of the Boss in companies of HK

From City University management Faculty recent survey on 350 full time employees In Hong Kong.

These are the ten deficiencies of the bosses after the survey.

1. Faked democracy

2. Prejudice

3. Ignoring his opinion of his subordinates

4. Talk and walk

5. Over-demanding to his staff

6. Old Fashioned management style

7. Unfair Treatment to performer and non-perfumers

8. Indulged in Politics

9. Emotional

10. Narrow mined…

This is my own comment additional to the above ten points

11. Forgetful

12. pick up small mistake and rate this as bad performance on his staff

13. Never show appreciation to good result of his staff.

14. Spend ten thousand dollar to save ten cents. Does not know what Investment means.

A good boss should be

1. Able to wear the shoes of his subordinate to think

2. Ignore minor mistake and appreciate good result

3. Fair to every staff with equal treatment/bonus

4. Open minded to listen

5. Accept different idea esepcially good idea

6. Keen on to Change

7. Promote whenever is needed, smart guy does not wait to be old to be promoted!

8. Don’t set too high standard to everyone for promotion. Would you like your boss do the same to you!?

9. Accept people are better than you in certain aspect. You are not Saint.

10. Do not be picky.

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