Friday, March 19, 2010

Let our World Rest for an Hour 2030-2130 27 March 2010

Please mark Down the date and time and get it prepared, well in order to move forward, donot wait for that date, we can start anytime we like. Simple life style is needed.
Eat less meat, use handkerchief, bring your own bag, do not use Condom, don't buy flower for your wife or mistresses, don't wear underwear, do not use incandescant lamp, use no CFL, use LED replacement lamp,
Cold bath, drink no water in plastic bottle, do not smoke as it create unnecessary stink emission, heat and be kind to your household cockcroaches as they would not die from lung cancer, do not use disposable ball pen, use fountain Pen that could last life time, no more shark fin soup, donot use pampers, use washable cotton napkin as most of the baby boomers in the 50's, donot search anymore in Google, Yahoo as it create few Kg of CO2 emission each time you search once, do not put "best regards" at the end of each mail as it is waste of energy in sending such non-sense...

HK Snob

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