Saturday, March 27, 2010

Minimum Wages in Hong Kong proposed HKD$20.00!

Gini's Index shows that Hong Kong is having a lot of rich people plus a large amount of poor people, and some average middle class. Ratio is something like 1 rich, 6 poor and 3 middle class,

Recent Gini Index of Hong Kong is 0.52 which is very High, and it's 2nd in the world after Mexico!

Last week, one of the Funktional senior officials in Hong Kong told us that the minimum Hourly wages should be HKD$20.00! (USD$2.59)

That is an equilvalent amount of money filling up Red Envelop for distributing to people who is not a close friend of yours in Chinese New year.
A Breakfast for a double egg, a thin toast with a slash of magarine (plastic Butter) and a cup of diluted coffee in Fast food Shop.
Three copies of Apple newspaper.
Four packs of Nissin Instant Noodles.
10 sticks of Cigarettes that helps you shorten your life by half an hour,
A piece of Tooth brush
Two way Bus fare from Tuen Wan to Tsim Sha Tsui.
Half the price of a lunch in Chui Wah Cha Chaan Tang Restaurant.
A Green tea Icescream in Beppu Japanese Restaurant
Four Pieces of Cocktail Bun in Maxim Bakery.

So I think that Senior official has never eaten anything in the fast food shop, nor he had never entered into any of the supermarket to see what he can buy for his stomach with merely HKD$20.00. On the other hand His Suit is probably cost the one year salary of the worker under this Minimum wages scheme... Bakka!

There is a better illustration on the situation of Gini's Index of 0.522 in Hong Kong....

Here it goes....


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