Sunday, March 7, 2010


N/2 +10
This is not any of the primary school teacher’s on the Mathematics.

This is the so called the best matching age for your spouse.

If you are 32 years old, your girl friend should be 32/2+10=26 years old.

If you are 60 years old and plan to get a new girl as your 2nd wife… then her age is best at 40 years old…this is a well balanced matching of age between couples.

I am 52 and my Nth wife is just 36 that are matching this formula perfectly! Ha!

Taiwan people is getting marriage late, man was used to be getting married at a age of 29 ten years ago, woman at 26, now they will marry at an age of 33 for man and 29.2 for woman. Reason is that the standard of living is very high and as an average statistics that the parents have to spend about NTD6M for raising his son till he can enter the University, as an average salary of NTD$100,000 in a family, that might not be high enough to support a son, so more people in Taiwan is proponing the off spring of their new baby.

Middle Woman in Hong Kong

More and more woman of age 29-39 is not willing to get married. Some of the reason

That Woman are more to be more financial independent as they spent a lot time crawling for a higher position in the company after graduation., once they have become management team member of a company, she might skip the precious time for going with man for romance.. And once she earns HKD$1M a year or more,.. she will enter the trap of herself that would limit her husband hunting network to grow. When lesser candidates will be able to match with her expectation. Being a man, it is not wise to marry a woman who earns more than you.

What do you think she can have choice about it?

1. Social networking in web for fishing man for a marriage.

2. Go to Shenzhen for Gigolo searching, they rate is about HKD$3,000-HKD$5,000 a night for pure sexual pleasure.

3. Let it be and get old single.

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Hi Fever,

我同意女士要比男士年輕十年的比例. 女士無論身心都比較早熟,相對地就早衰.
女士總愛男士去遷就, 比較成熟的男士大慨更願意遷就. 關係可會維持良好.
這也是一個為女士著想的比例. 新年時跟一個八十後的男士聊聊天, 他想40歲時才結婚, 男士想結婚的年齡推遲了. 可是, 女士最佳的生育年齡是19-29歲, 年過40, 成孕率下跌至20%, 中醫有云:女子四十, 腎氣半.荷爾蒙供應少, 青春像小鳥般飛去!
亦有聽說, 有女士41歲便收經了(有極端例子是18歲便收工了!).

另外,我的女士朋友(全都是中女層), 她們未婚的原因都不是您寫下的(none of the above), 她們總沒法遇上Mr.Right, 是愛情小說裡面的緣份吧!(她們有的為有婦之夫懷孕, 有的不計較經濟能力... 唉!總是無花果!)

"中女"這個帶有貶義的詞語, 在"口靚模"襯托之下更顯失色, 青春無敵哩!
男少女多比例失衡下, 不願結婚的男士亦大有人在. 姊姊妹妹們, 自重!自重!

Feverip said...

Hi Caca,

Yes your are right...This is life!

Romance, Love, sex, Marriage, Baby, so of one of the links is missing, Life is still classified incomplete.
Sorry I say so as I know there a lot of married couples with no Kids.