Friday, April 29, 2011

South Korean and Hong Kong Cash in Gold Teeth as Price keeps Soaring!

Gold Hit $1,509 an ounce on the London Bullion Market on April 12 2011.
For the first time on record over $1,500!
With this trend for gold Price and I speculate that the Gold Price will reach up to USD$3,000 in 2011 estimated…
As the price of this precious metal price internationally, South Korean are cashing in their gold teeth and other dental work.
And shunning traditional gold engagement rings and baby gifts..
The gold crown fetches at least 40,000 won up to 100,000 Won depending on size and condition.
South Korea
Gold Seven’s CEO Nam Seung Woo: We are handling gold teeth far more than usual as the price of gold is rapidly increasing. The Company had bought golden teeth, golden crown from more than 100 customers in past month.
Hong Kong
On the other side in Hong Kong, many newly open shops for buying carat Gold…just in Tsuen Wan MTR station, there are two different shops side by side running the same business. They will test your article in one equipment and immediate tell how much its equivalent value after analysis the gold content. They will deuce 5% of the gold processing fee and immediate cash you.
The gold Trade business will be moving on… and I think there more people to
Buy 24K gold as an investment,
More people will, prone to buy gold watch than Stainless steel watch as the later is not seen to be cheap at all, More people will sell their unused, or old gold ornament and rings…
The inflation will keep rising up with the gold price as money seem has been depreciating…
We will see more Old Chinese people cover their mouth when they laugh, Probably they have removed their gold teeth for Cash already!

HK Snob

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Late Birthday Cake From Ice

It has been 6 months for such cake to be presented by my beloved one… Well, it is never too late for a Birthday Celebration., and as I always say that, Everyday can be your birthday… I still remember that I had my first birthday cake when I was 25. Well that was a hard time in our family…nor it haa not been better even now.. A birthday cake in the 80’s can mean a lot… Usually Poor family has a few boiled eggs and dipped in RED food colouring as major item in birthday dinner.
Still remember that the taste was drooling and we did not know what heck Cholesterol was .. We took them all the egg white and egg yolks.
Thanks for your Birthday cake, though it was too big of me….

HK Snob

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Some times we have a lot of powerful means in internet we have iphone, Ipad, never out of internet connection to Google, Yahoo,.. Seem his is the era of information overflow… But somehow we have to keep a sharper eye on every minor detail of things we see in life.
As there are still many things that we can not find out from the internet.
When I was young I noticed out that there is a small hole on the tin box of the shoe shinning wax… Why.. This is my thoughts!?
They make a small hole as to release the air when they close the cover during manufacturing? Since the box is air tight.. But on the other hand, the small hole will case the wax to get dry faster?
So every time I buy a box of Kiwi shoe wax, I used a plastic tape to seal the hole… the wax seem never get dry and can be used for many years more.
Sometimes I think that was the purpose of the Kiwi as they know that small hole can speed up the aging of the wax and soon be dried, so that they can sell more… is that Right!? A tricky sales gadget!?
Nowadays people seldom goes into detail of small things in life…. You can ask post 80 kid who can tell you how many types of Japanese brand name of automobile he can tell you…probably less than three!
Or can they tell the two major Aircraft supplier in the world we can see under Cathay Pacific flights? Probably nothing!
Or even what are the major difference between the audio format of LP, CD, and Cassette to a post 70s? No one can…
So a simpler question, tell a post 80s student to tell you how may types of Fish he can name in English in one minute…. I can tell you most of them can tell not more than three!
Or Ask a University Graduate in Electronic what is the function of the Ground Pin our home electrical power plug! How does it work!?- They said this can be the thesis for the PhD of Electronics…
Ask a 10 years old kid where the milk is come from… most of the replies are 7-11!
You will be surprised that they know nothing of about something that is very simple things in life.
What can we do? What is wrong with our educational system whereby they can pass the examination with high score,. But they seem do not know anything more about it…
Well, partly because of the educational system, partly the kids never come out of the learning other than what they learn form school, and those tedious learning under his private teachers of piano, Violin…

HK Snob

Saturday, April 23, 2011

King Yin Lei is Now Open for Public Visit

5 Hong Kong Heritage Sites
Amid Hong Kong's race to build the biggest, newest and tallest buildings, it is humbling to remember the structures that date from the city's early days. Commissioner for Heritage Laura Aron chooses her favorite classic Hong Kong buildings Aron works on the adaptive reuse of government-owned historic buildings. She tries to strike a balance between development and conservation when revamping these beautiful, frail old structures.
King Yin Lei
This mansion garnered huge media attention during the "Save King Yin Lei Campaign" in 2004. It was the first historic building in Hong Kong to be Protected by the government through land exchange with its previous owner, setting a precedent in the city’s heritage conservation work. Built in 1937, King Yin Lei changed prosperous hands several times over the years. In 2007, a purchaser who remains anonymous began demolition and renovation work, causing extensive damage to the building’s roof and flooring. Attentive neighbours and the government halted the demolition. While King Yin Lei is currently off-limits to the public, It is now open for Public visit for two weeks! Entry Ticket is free for distribution.
King Yin Lei, 45 Stubbs Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
2. The HK University Hall
3. Blue House Clusters
Blue House Clusters, 72, 72A, 74 & 74A Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai
4. Tung Wah Museum
Tung Wah Museum, Kwong Wah Hospital, 25 Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei
5. Central Police Compound

There are a lot of heritage buildings that have been demolished by Government of Hong Kong, such as the Central Post office that was torn down in 1976. When I visited Macao, Penang and Melecca, and Recently in Macao, I still can see their Post office standing proudly in front of me there untouched over 100 years. Hong Kong on side is rich apparently but we are poor in maintaining our Pretitious buildings… that most of the Hong Kong People won’t forget…. Government is looking for Short terms benefit and their job security in the Government. Doing Less whereby making less Mistakes as the Old Stubborn Chinese Official Slogan. no vision for city plan, no protection of the Heritage Building… Everyone sitting at the Legislative council day dreaming or hysterically throwing banana as monkey show for public .Working on how to create more Value for themselves with the Building developers which are in fact The Hong Kong Gangers dressed in cashmere suits.

Did you see the movie Drean Home Victoria No.1? Hong Kong slasher film. The film is the story of Cheng Lai-sheung (Josie Ho) who saves up money buy her dream home. After finding house prices rising, she goes into a murderous frenzy. If you have seen it, You know what I am thinking of. Josie Ho should win out the best Actress last week but however for certain reason it came to Lau Ka Ling!HK Snob

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grand Lisboa Casino Macao

This new Lisboa casino LED globe was built in 2007, that has been running for 4 years and it seems that there is my 2nd time to visit Macao in the past 5 years, I found that the Grand Lisboa hotel is so beautiful and for Sure that billions of dollars was spent on this building.

The new Grand Lisboa Hotel was connected with a foot bridge to the old Lisboa Hotel which Stanley Ho opened in 1971. The New Grand Lisboa was a design of International architects and interior designers leaded by Khuan Chew who also was the designer for Buri Al Arabs and Four Seasons hotel of Hong Kong.
The property is shaped like a giant lotus flower and opened in 2007 just before Chinese New Year; with 240 gaming tables, 480 slots, and six restaurants.
We could see this new Landmark of Macao with a breathtaking light show from the world’s largest integrated LED screen installed on the Grand Lisboa’s exterior, Ho has clearly upped the ante on his competitors. The LED globe consists of 1.2 millions LED. And 580,000 Swarovski Crystals, and 5,400 pieces of 24-Kt gold plated glasses.
The RGB LED flashed and becoming the local most favourite and glorious Light show from 1800 to next morning, The Lotus leaves shaped roof acts as a Knife on top of the entrances would capture every gamblers entering into the Entrance…
There you can enter and can not come out with the money from the gambler table.. A traditional Fung Shui… On each of the major concourse, you can see water spring that would like to Wash you clean….( so in theory of Fung Shui, no one should be able to come out with the money from the Casino) this is only my personal Observations…
As I do no gambles, that mean I am the only Winner in Lisboa casino…
HK Snob

Macao, another favourite place for those Chinese Big Spenders

Macao has become the entertainment capital of the Far East the in more ways than one.
Certainly, the clusters of magnificent hotel, casinos, resorts, mall, restaurants, spa, massage palours and show venues that have transformed its landscape in the past ten years exert a power allure. But it's been almost thrilling to simply observe the breathtaking paces of the development of the infrastructures. With each new building striving to nudge the height of luxury just a little higher than the last. Seating beside the Venetian Hotel is the new bigger thing, the 550,000 sqm mega Resort Galaxy Macao. Constructed at a cost of HKD$15.9B. Will soon be commencing for welcoming your visit.
As I had been there just for three days, a bit surprising not to find any interesting point that could make me stay more in Macao, Simply because I do not gamble, all I need to find out is the food, which I did not feel impressed.
So called the oldest street store for beef which they he operated more than 70 years at Peking road near by Metro park hotel I even did not try as for the aroma was not appealing.
We went to a local shop for they recommended Curry beef, I did not like… The Pork Chip Bao which said to be one of the local favourite, the taste is not even better than the Hamburger in MacDonald. I had been to one of the best Wanton Noodles, but the Wanton was not good at all, just can be in par of the ordinary wanton noodle in Hong Kong Local Tai Pai Donng.
I intended to go To To House, but they have been moved to Taipa, so I did not want to go as I was in Rua De Pequim (Peking Street), What I notice s is the almost 95% of the tourist would buy from one particular shop for Macao Delicacies and roasted meat slices, Almond cakes, peanut candies, that tell us the Marketing and TV media does help to promote the selling. We had a dinner recommended by a hotel staff, the food I took is Ox Tail, that is too salty. Well, it seems I had no good satisfaction on my taste buds in these few days, That was not a good trip as I hardly can find a good place for food…
Well, if you do not gamble, do go like to involve yourself in those night life … and if you are not intending to buy watches, then Macao Seems will not be a good place for your vacation.
But I do have some of my deepest thought of This Little place. The Rich Chinese, there are 490,000 Chinese who has RMB10,000,000.. and this number will grow at a rate of 18% a year, where do they spend their Money! Other Than Shopping in HK, so naturally, the Macao!
Every where is Chinese, Rich Chinese, At least I have seen 20 Gold Rolex Day Date in one night along the street, mostly Yellow Gold, means that the Yellow Gold is the favourite choice for Rolex for Those Chinese…Omega, once in a while an AP Perpetual Calendar.
They ate all lingering in the Lisboa Casinos or the Venetians… They all wear Louis Vitton or Gucci bags, Nice Italian Shoes and Aquascutum suit with the label still sticking on the left sleeves.
They spent ten thousand token on the gambling table as I spend ten dollar.
Beside the street, you can see a lot of Pawn Shops, and by a rough estimation, I think there are at east 500 Pawn Shops in Macao
They all carry Rolex. And you can see a lot of Rolex. Of course can not find those Antique One. Or rare Colour dial Like Purple, Yellow or Orange…
I can estimate that there are at least 150,000 Rolex in the Shops of Macao, next is Omega, AP, Piaget, and PP….
Price!!? They are marked up at least 200-300% as that price of in Hong Kong. Some of the used Rolex is almost the same price of the new stock in Rolex Shop of Hong Kong. Well, they are preparing for your negotiation, as Chinese Like to negotiation. But some how if they do not know the price, even after less 50% discount, the article you buy is possible still more expensive than those watch of the same type as in Hong Kong…
So next time when you win some big bucks in the casino. And if you should not mind too much for the discount as your money is coming from Gambling… have a Happy Shopping Rolex in Macao!

HK Snob

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is Hong Kong a Shopping Paradise?!

This is a fake Samsung 500GB Hard disk, using just a

128MB Flask memory

and two ballast nuts as togive the right Weight of the Disk
One guy brought this failed 500GB hard drive to service center because of some problems of stoppage when viewing a large video. When workers of the center opened it they were very surprised, because there was... 128 Mb flash drives inside instead of the 500GB hard drive. The man explained that he bought this fake Samsung HDD in a Chinese store. Be careful what you buy… There is always Smart Fake Copy cat… but all we need a little bit smarter buying checks... and I believe we should always buying form a trustful stores whatever… watches, Camera, shoes…hand bag… As I had said that it happened in Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui stores: When you buy a Nikon lens by cash as they offer you a special price of that lens, after you got back Hotel and open to see a bottle of Coca Cola! When you complained to the police, the invoice address name are different as the shop you went for… So please check the followings: VISA slip record for the name of the shop. Check the printed name and address on the official invoice before you leave If possible looks at how they pack your goods. Only go for the big name that is recommended by the Watch Company. There is no cheap watch for Rolex For example… the maximum discount is less 5% to less 15% for Rolex in Hong Kong depending on which model you are looking for. Buy from someone you know. Do not deposit money for some model that is not available at the shop I had intended to buy a shirt for my little daughter but could not find her size “S” And the beautiful shop keeper told me to full pay the amount of $1400 in order to order and the good will is available in 2 days. I said. Sorry, I do not like this practice. No one pay the full amount for unseen Goods... I think you know this shop :JUICYGXXL. Which is a chain store fashion cloth for youngsters. Do not buy coupons…that come with an attractive discount as a sales Gadget... Many of the companies are running with his trick for money as who know when they will close the company and run away… I still do not trust buying from uncertain Web sites for some thing like watches, jeweler as I think they can not be trusted. There are many shop selling goods with such kind of price tag HKD$49.99 but I have to pay cash HKD$50 .. I had argued with some of the shop keepers in Mong Kok Centre, they said I have to pay HKD$50.00 but I turned out to leave the shop… of course the sales ladies would cursed me such a stingy old chap!… but this is a commercial World, Why I have to pay more on what I have to pay for…and I can accept to pay by VISA for the exact amount HKD$99.99 not HKD$100.00!? You can see at least 30% of the two hundred in Mong Kok Centre are doing business this way… Is it because Chinese are So much Superstitious about 99.99 as "9' means "Long Life" in Cantonese Prounication… Why they did not put HKD$99.9999999… then? Old Chinese teaches us: People can cheat your money because of Greedy… Answering to the title: Is Hong Kong a real shopping paradise!? Yes, When you are Smart! and ..not Greedy! Wish you had a Happy Shopping In Hong Kong! HK Snob

He Dies 6 times in 42 hours... Set a New World Record for Hong Kong Movie Star

Veteran Hong Kong Actor Law Lok lam had an unusual experience of Dying where he set a World Record of being Dying in five different soap operas in a 24 hours between April 6 2030 to April 8 1405. HK LT. Law Lok-lam, 63, played a set of characters that were beaten to death, vomited blood and died of illnesses all in one day. In Hong Kong, it has been a filming traditional for actors whose characters die to be given a red packet with a token amount of money for good blessing and he has received many of it in his past thirty years of acting. The thespian said: "When I get a job, I don't care if my character in the drama will die. If he is supposed to die, he should go on and die!” An Interesting event is that he has been so famous all in suddenly in 6 countries France, Australia, UK, Singapore, Italy, Hungry and USA. Just because he dies in the movies, and more interesting is who has uncovered this!?

Click the title to link to the videos.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is there a Fair Deal?

The 30,000 Horse Power MAN Engine of a Hong Kong Registered 480,000 Ton bulk Carrier Vessel was failed. The ship owners tried one expert after another, but none of them could figure out how to fix the engine. They tried to bring in an old man who has been fixing ships since he was a young kid. He carried a large tool bag, the immediately went tot work, he Scrutinized the engine room, listening to any abnormal noise from the Sick Engine. From Top to bottom. Front to back. The two ship owners and the captain were there watching this man, Hoping he could know what to do .. as a bulk carrier of this size would cost likely one million of dollar a day to the ship owners of the ship is unable to be operated. After a while the old man reached into his tool bag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped some thing, instantly the engine lunched into life. He careful put his hammer way, The Engine was fixed!! A week later, the owners received a bill from the old man for 12,000 dollars. “ WHAT!? The Owners exclaimed” He hardly did anything!? So he wrote the old man a note saying “ Pleas send us an itemized Bill” The man senf a bill that read” Tapping with a hammer $1.00 Knowing where to tap $11,999.00 The Moral of this article is: Sometimes, Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference! Further more many Management leader and head of department does not buy the valuable experience of an old staff, when he is getting old means that he is experienced, he has gone through al these stormy waters……But the owners would think of a dirty way to eliminate the experienced people or not trying to retain them… some of the bosses would think they are old and can be treated with less rewards. It Would likely happen in very small short-vision companies… but who know People’s heart are made of tough muscles.… but if once he is being treated with unfairness.. Who will still try to contribute?…But one management Gurus told me…. There is never a fair deal. I don't beleive that… All we have to do is to either accept it… look for a better job, or pay less effort…. But I Advise you,, try doing even harder! That works….HK Snob


1、成熟的男人应该有经济基础,尤其你成熟到想成为她的丈夫,既然人们用金色来形容收获,女人也就理所当然的用金钱来判断男人的成熟; 2、成熟的男人应该有事业基础。也许发财并还是每一个男人都能做到的,但如果你自己都觉得一事无成,在女人心目中又怎能立得起来呢? 3、成熟的男人知道自己想要什么,而不是什么都想要。懂得坚持也懂得放弃; 4、成熟的男人勇于承担责任,虽然有些过错并不都是他造成的; 5、成熟的男人是宽容的,过于计较是男人最不能原谅的错误; 6、成熟的男人拥有大智慧而不是小聪明; 7、成熟的男人一言一行能让女人学到很多东西,而小男生只能让女人教他; 8、成熟的男人懂得珍惜和照顾女人,出去郊游,他一定不是自顾自跑在最前面的人; 9、成熟的男人不会在大街上和女人吵架; 10、成熟的男人不会强迫女人穿他喜欢而她不喜欢的衣服; 11、成熟的男人不会随便和女人开低级玩笑; 12、成熟的男人让女人知道她错了,却不会让她没面子; 13、成熟的男人让女人放松而不会让女人紧张; 14、成熟的男人在女人面前既会做父亲也会做儿子; 15、成熟的男人会把他的儿子培养成真正的男子汉;说到最后,男人发现女人眼中成熟的男人依然是个圣人。其实,成熟与否说到底是男人心中一种无法道明的感觉. HK Snob

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Aftermath of Japan Earthquake

I am always having a nightmare about the Fiji Mountain that would come to real huge eruption on 18 April at 0200 am. The volcano ashes will shade 40 k m diameter of that area for two weeks into total darkness. That is approx. 2 weeks after and that Will be a series or Earthquake! I hope this will not come true as Japan has been suffered from the March 11 Event that almost hit the heart of every human being on earth. The Japanese is an enormous discipline kind of people, we have to learn from them. And I am sure the case will be in deep trouble in case Hong Kong happen with such kind of earthquake. Hong Kong is going to send one team of profession doctors and psychologist to Japan 1 week to comfort the people who has been suffered from loss of family, members, loved one and friends…. The consequence is complicated condition of a series of problem… The water and the sea food are polluted; many factories are not able to produce on time that causes the electronics and automobile business to slow down. The whole food supply chain has been affected because of the radioactive pollution. In fact m there is thousand of earthquake every day on the Earth, People are just too helpless in these are of fighting against the mother of nature…. However, people are forgetful, after a few years people will forget event. as the life has to go on no matter what. So start from Today, do try to give more time to your family members Daughters, father and mother…Because of this, I stop Blogging and bring my daughter out for late lunch! HK Snob

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Worst Thing can happen in a hard Day

There was a guy at a bar, head down, just staring at his drink. He stayed like that for thirty minutes. A big trouble-making truck driver stepped in and sit next to him, took the drink belonged from the guy on the table, then swallowed it all down. The poor man started crying and yelling! The truck driver said, "Come on man, I was just joking as I always do here in this bar. Here, I'll buy you another drink. I just can't stand to see a man crying like this for a wine." "No, it's not that. This day is the worst day of my life. First, I feel asleep, and I went late to office. My boss, outrageous, fired me without a reason. When I left the building to get my car, I found out it was stolen! The police said that they could not do much. I got a cab to return home, and when I left it, I left my wallet and credit cards few seconds after the cab ran away!" "I went home, and when I got there, I found my wife in bed with the neighbourer’s gardener. I left home, and came to this bar as I used to come when I am sad, Want to say last word of “hello” to friends I used to meet here. And just when I was thinking about putting an end to my life, you show up and drink my poison. HK Snob