Friday, November 6, 2009

A taste of Chili at Da Ban Steamboat Restaurant Penang

This is a small but unique restaurant with the Penang's Local Sze Chuen Food!

We had tried some Chinese Sauage with Kan Lan in Cantonese Style, Chili Chicken that does not taste as Hot as real Sze Chuen Cuisine in China, though the chicken slice was cvered with Dried chili.
The Seafood fried noodle has that kind of cooking I like, not oily, the noodle was well fried in wok with the texture of noodle. The Pan Fried Slice Pork, Sze Chuan Sour and Hot soup.

Pig Liver soup was one of my favourite as Liver can provide you extra Vitamin K, a liitle hot as they put slices of ginger. We took Ren Shen Wu Long Tea and took Bird nest as the dessert.
Da Ban Steamboat restaurant was opened by a young lady in 2005,
The address is 84, Jalan Zainal Abidin 10400, Penang.


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