Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marriage Tradition in Hong Kong

I am not too sure what traditional obis that as Since my first marriage , second marriage and probably next marriage m I have never had any things like what Most of the HK peoples does…To make some wedding picture at the studies and to book the restaurant or two years in advance.

What I am trying to say is that marriage is just kind formalities that the woman side wants to have some kind of certification, bondage or WARRANTY on hand, and that does not mean that after we can live up with that forever.

No one is able to live together for many years, and does not guarantee fun or happiness if we find ourselves does not like each other or find that we can not stay together in same place everyday.

One thing for sure, these kind of marriage tradition would be supported by the hotel and restaurants as this is where their major revenues is from.

If I would marry again, I will buy a decent watch of pieces of diamond that can be seen 10 meters away and I will not spend that kind of money to make 10-100 tables to invite our friends coming the wedding Show…

I would Like to take a vacation for two months, probably run away to some place and spend the time quietly between she and me… After return HK, we will invite some of the best friends to take casual dinner, probably, we need a better bottle of wine… a DRC, Petrvs, latour or Lafifte.


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