Sunday, November 1, 2009

How Rich You Are!?

There is a book " You are really Rich, you just don't know it" written by Steve Henry published by Virgin Books.
There are most 10 important items that you should have if you are rich, or in other word, if you have these ten items, as being part of your life you are having, you will be qaulified to be rich.

These are the most important elements in your life

1. Health.

2. Some one says " I love you"

3. Being in a stable relationship: family and career

4. Being in a safe and peaceful place

5. Have kids

6. Can have some quality time with family

7. Always able to laugh

8. You can Make Love!

9. Go travelling once in a while

10. Living in peacful and quiet World.

If you want to know how Rich you are. Go and perform a simple test to see how rich you are, or Kick the link on this post!


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