Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Salute to the Taxi Driver

Though you may hear about that there are a lot of bad taxi drivers… rude, rough driving skill, not intending to return the small changes to you, pretend he does not know the way and ask you to lead him…find extra street and road to keep the meter running …!

But I am sure that are a lot of Professional Taxi Drivers.

This is the Story

My little girl lost her hand phone in an early taxi to her school Wednesday.
That is her new phone I bought her 10 days ago, it is a Sony Ericsson new model with sliding key pad, after her old one was damanaged by accident. She does not know to take care her phone at all!

She Told me she lost it in the taxi, So I believed her and call her phone number after 10 hours and immediate answer was from a am how identified himself Taxi Driver with a pleasant voice saying that he was the one to find the phone on his way sending a young and pretty school girl to school.

Well he is HK island Driver and would be returning the phone to me when he comes to Kowloon side…

Yesterday morning he called he and saying that he intended to send me the phone first before he start earning his living by meeting me the same place my daughter got the taxi
And I got the phone
Hs is a middle aged man, with a polite and decent voice, full of smiles on his face and he just requested me to pay for the amount on the taxi meter fro m his Place in Hong Kong to Kowloon.

I dropped him HKD250.00 he did not intend to receive so much it as the meter shown HKD150…
Well I enforced him to get it..

This is a driver of the Taxi KB9815.

I have to show my salute to this gentleman…

And I am sure Hong Kong has ten thousand of such good taxi drivers.

This is very important to have this kind of taxi driver, they are the real Tourist Ambassador, not Jackey Chan nor this Miss Hong Kong … I am not trying to rule out their role in promoting Hong Kong tourism and a s a matter of fact Jackey Chan is my idol and a learning model in Hong Kong. But there are ten thousands of Taxi driving is doing their real time job as a tourism ambassador for Hong Kong. We should not demolish their contribution to Hong Kong transportation services…


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