Sunday, January 27, 2013

Neck Ties

For many years I keep some of the ties, some of them have a very different memorial value!
As from those Ties, I can recall which are the ones giving me. I recalled the time I bought some of the ties from HK most famous Pen Collector TK Lee in his Shop of Maurizio Bonas at Pacific Place where we used to gather for the Watch collectors and pen collectors every Saturday afternoon.. TK is in now settled in Singapore, whereas other s like Paul and Hung still very active in Watch Collection.

Many of the neck ties were given by my wives, friends, daughter, my mother.

I like the yellow Dunhill most as it was my last Birthday gift from my mother and my youngest daughter Leica, they shared the money to buy for me. Every time I wear the tie, every time I think of the individual person and episodes. Some of them make me feel bitter and some of them sweet.

I wear different ties for different occasions and days for meeting customer. I used to wear ties even in hot summer meeting customers. Once I was once told by my customers in Flextronics Zuhai that he liked to see I wear tie as that showed respect to them.

I used to match them with shirts and different tie clip and tie chain. That is really fun. However after I few years, I will be retired and I think the chance to wear any ties will be minimum. Leaving traces of witnesses of time, person and those tedious works to take them for dry cleaning once a year!

If I could afford, I would like to buy a good quality silk tie as it can make a beautiful knots easily and the tie will reform itself leaving minimum wrinkles afterward.

My favourite make is Dunhill, Faberge, Gianni Versace, Gucci…

Some people said it not worth to buy an expensive tie. Well, when the see how they make a good tie, then they know what we are buying is worth the money!

HK Snob

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flood in Jarkata

After the Japan Earthquake 11 March and a Serious Flood in Bangkok that gave the new lady PM Yingluk an headache in 2011. There was another flood in Manila 8 Aug 2012 with waves from the sea hitting up to the top of the Manila City Palm Trees!


Now on 17 Jan 2013, there is another flood in Indonesia, 40% of the area of Indonesian is in fact below sea level, and if the dyke was broken , the city will be flooded.

The situation in the flood-hit areas in Jakarta have yet to improve and the water level in Ciliwung river was still on the rise as on 19 Jan. As at this morning, whole areas of Pluit in North Jakarta were still submerged under 1.5 metre of water.

According to the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management, the death toll due to floods rose to 14 and most victims were electrocuted or drowned.

The world has changed, probably we can blame the human being is not treating the world good enough, There is serious of disasters everywhere every year. Hope that HK would be a place to be safe.

HK Snob