Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is the most preferred seat on an aricraft?

From Skyscanner pole of 1,000 airline passengers, the result shows 6A is the most preferred seat on a Standard aircraft. The least Favourite seat is 31E, The front row are most popular, Perhaps more surprising was the number of passengers who prefer the window seat – almost 60% - compared to just 40% who opt for the aisle, with less than 1% choosing the middle seat. As from my experience most of the frequent flyers like Isles seat at front, and most women like Window seat, also probably Women had a stronger and larger bladder, men like Isles seat as he they may like to Touch those women passer bys? In CX and some other airlines there is no Seat No. 13. and I hate the seat the centre seat with two on my right and one on my left, especially had a chance to have a smeller fat men beside… I have seen some airlines had a lot of cockroach under your seat, and those are limited to some airlines. HK Snob

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cash the Gold

If you want to sell you gold silver ware for money
Pls check carefully first as

1, Are they vintage article created by the famous jeweler, Cartier, Piaget, Blvgari, Tifanny!?
Some of them are enamel products and some of them may dated back to 19th Century, do not sell it unless you know their true value.

2. Do not go Pawn shop unless the price of jewelry is 24KT gold… Pawn shop people do not know the real value of the jeweler. I have seen a pawn shop took a fake Rolex and threat it as real. Meaning that they have limited knowledge about the products. It is even common for Antique as they do not like and value Antique.

3. Check for the value through internet buys a sell like eBay… before you dicide to sell it as scrap.

4. Don’t sell that memorial item, once it was melt in the furnace , that value becomes nothing, and the memory goes away with it… what a pity…

Since Gold price is rising , there are a lot of new shops buying your gold, Carat Gold, jewelery for their gold only.
This is new business in these three years.

HK Snob

Go to this link and it has  a lot of information about Gold and Silver…