Sunday, August 28, 2011

HK's Avenue of Stars was rated as one of the World's 12 worst tourist traps by CNN!

HK’s Avenue of Stars was rated as one of the World's 12 worst tourist traps by CNN!
Original Article written as”
Built in 2004, this one is designed with mainland Chinese tourists in mind. You’ll find them here in droves, led by flag-toting tour guides as they stumble toward the promenade’s highlight, a statue of Bruce Lee in kung fu pose, while mall music blurps out from tiny speakers. A lack of comfortable resting areas and focus on souvenir photo booths makes the whole experience about as satisfying as a sneeze that doesn't quite come out.”
My Comment
Being a HK Citizen who have been traveled over 100 different place in the world, I think the article was shallow and unthoughtfulness, have you seen the night view along the Avenue of Stars at night? Seee how beautiful the Victoria harbors? You can have a lot of place to sit down and relax and enjoy the view, I think this article surely would degrade CNN, and the one who wrote the article should deserve a termination!
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Why should we Cut Cost during business down turn!?

Since 15 Sept 2008, the World economy will become so fragile and volatile, very hard to be predicted as it was used to be. Semiconductor cycle has been shortened from 10 years to 2-4 years drastically. However, one should grow together when the market rises and stay calm and sharpen our eye when markets started to fall. However only those who stay fits can run fast and make wise decision to stay healthy. Predictions base on rumor, preliminary non-fact base report which is not able to predict an accurate forecast, drawn conclusion for an early global recession would create chaos, confusions and psychotically infection of being “Bad in Shape” and removing all kind of possibility market will shoot up sharply due to many factors.
Worse case is those who get panic first before everything has come to surface to a real economy crisis or never would become a crisis. Worse case scenario goes to those who had been experienced bad economic climate in 1987, 1991, 1997, 2001. 2003, 2008. Who had told himself learnt to be smart and always bearing words in month as” learn to be slim and get yourself fit, get ready for the coming recession. So series of cost reduction programme started too as reaction in anticipation of the impending economic slump.
Wrong Action during business down turn
Cut investment
Cut cost for meal, entertainment and mileage,
Change cheaper airlines and Hotel
Hiring freeze
Leaving seats left department employees empty.
Share hotel rooms
Cut Bonus and Salary
Lay off
I believe all sales contribution is from the front line sales and they are so fragile in handling the pay cut, lay off, once this action has been implemented, there is no way to push for more sales when morale is low. See how hungry soldier fight in the war! Mostly they will be killed! We are not saint. There is no way upgrade the airline and hotel after a down grade. They feel being abandoned by the company. There is no way to push for more sales if the Product itself is lousy. If the product is know uncompetitive, why not go for product improvement instead to push for more sales, more lousy products in field means more un-defused-bombs installed at your Customer sites… wait for a BOMM that kill your customer and you!
I believe one thing: be proactive, treat your staff as important as your left and right hand, treat them with respect …the above actions will have serious bad effect hat everyone knows but every top management usually ignore, as they do go for short terms result which I agree is excellent in short term return result. But the long term harm is Serious!
A wiser action would be during business down turn
Hiring good people
Improve product quality determinedly
Re-engineering for better efficiency
Active Expansion by A & M (lower cost)
Incentive for sales by promotion of morale either by salary adjustment and or increase of bonus
Work with Difficult customer at this time as to build up better relationship, or to repair bad relation when you could not deliver when business was too good!
Work with customer as partner to co-develop mew product
Promotion of high caliber people to lead up the team for more sales
Train the sales team in product sales, Organize more seminar with customer for promotion.
Company earn money by investment, money can not be earned by saving! Wrong concept!
Cost Control, not cost cut, Cost control is a perpetual process, not in bad business time.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Five Things about Myself

This is the end of my life, when…

1. Caught with 500 grams of heroin in your baggage in Beijing airport.
2. One day you find yourself having ED (Erectile Dysfunction)
3. One night stand with a girl met in the Neptune bar, next morning yourself alone and see something written with lipstick on the mirror ” Welcome to the world of AIDS!”
4. You will get broke one day if you are single, but you will get the money sooner later, but the worse bankruptcy is the way of transferring funds that is even faster than electronic banking. It's called “marriage."
5. I've had bad luck with both my wives. The first one left me, and the second one didn't."

5 Things that you should not find out ask or try to understand
1.You boss’s critics about how bad your work is.
2.Your wife
3.Why I never get promoted?
4.Why I am not rich!?
5.Am I happy?

Five things in life you should feel glad
1.Enjoy Freedom of being alone
2.You are healthy and Happy
3.Next day in the morning, you find yourself still surviving!
4.You have a good friend more than 30 years
5.You don't think of Getting Rich!

Five things you should worry.
1.Your girl friend tells you “I am pregnant!”
2.You boss talks to you one day “the Business is no good, Company goes deficit… I am sorry that I have to tell you…
3.You find that you win the lottery of 7 Millions dollars…but your wife keeps the Lottery ticket.

4. On one day, I find myself I have nothing to worry..
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HK First two Hydrofoils running between HK and Macao

Santa Maria

Madeira and Santa Maria, was the first Hydrofoil running by Fareast Shipping between HK and Macao in 1970’s
Madeira was launched in Feb 1975, Santa Maria was in Jun 1975. Santa Maria and Madeira were first 2 boats built for far east hydrofoil and the legs were specially cut shorter to suit the shallow waters in Macau channel in 1970's and until today, the complete fleet still in service despite the huge fuel consumption of 2 jet engines. They are the most beautiful boat ever built especially when she is making roll turn, the pose is so elegant. Comment by Boat Lover;Yet Fu.
They have been carrying many people from HK to Macao during week ends with Sweet dreams, however most of them 96% of them came back with empty pockets. In the 70 there was only Lisboa, and now there are so many new casinos in Macao.
Macao runs their economy by Casino, night life, sight seeing... from 70-90, 80% of the tourist is from HK, nowadays, 60% is from China, and 20% is from HK and rest are from SEA. Gambler throwing token valued HKD$10,000 each is 90% Chinese!

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ShangHai Song Jiang Beauty Spot Hotel

This Hotel is built alongside the 100 Metre deep quarry. The innovative design of the 400-bed resort hotel stands up on the hill with falls.
It will incorporate conference facilities for up to 1,000 people, restaurants, cafés, sports facilities and a banqueting centre. Sustainability is integral to the design ranging from using green roofing for the structures above the ground level to geothermal energy extraction.
Atkins has won an international design competition for this a five-star resort hotel located in the Songjiang district near Shanghai.
An aquatic theme runs through the design both visually and functionally. Two underwater levels will house a restaurant and guestrooms facing a ten-metre deep aquarium. The lowest level of the hotel will contain a leisure complex with a swimming pool and water-based sports.
An extreme sports centre for activities such as rock climbing and bungee jumping will be cantilevered over the quarry and accessed by special lifts from the water level of the hotel.
One Draw back is that there is only one side of the hotel and that the other is facing hillside, limited usage of light and space.
It is innovative
, bold and design injected with new concepts for a resort Hotel!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Medical Achievement of HK

In an International medical Forum. Three famous doctors from USA Japan and HK met and started to talk about their medical achievement.
Japanese Doctor said that he had a young kid who had an accident and two of his finger was broken, and he was the one who on charge of the operation to re-connect his fingers. His patient got the Tchaivosky piano award this year in Vienna.
The American doctor said there was a young boy who had a car accident ad his leg was broken, he managed to perform the best of his surgical operation. His patient got the Gold medal in 100 M Sprint in 2008 Beijing Olympian Games.
The Hong Kong Doctor mocked and said, some thirty year ago, there was a young boy who was hurt seriously that his brain was totally damaged, sent to his hospital, He made a surgical operation to use a Swine’s brain to replace his dead brain.,. Now this gentleman is the Director of education department in Hong Kong.

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