Sunday, May 29, 2011

Whilst Painted See-thru Skirt is Getting Popular in Japan, how about Hong Kong!?

This will not be getting popular in Hong Kong as Hong Kong people is said to be fashionable but they are 130% more conservative than Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean needless mentioned Japanese…Woman in HK are usually cold outside though they may be hot in heart. Whilst this painted job on the skirt is getting polular in Japan, People in Hong Kong including this Sham Sui Po Snob, Tsim Sha Tsui Snob has to wait for years before this is able to be seen in Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong kok or Causeway bay..,… Or not until there is an actress ho bring up this kind of dress in publicity…… Who dare to be the first Actress to do so in HK?!

Ap Liu Street Snob

Saturday, May 28, 2011

PE and ED of Hong Kong People

HK peoples are suffered with Stress from boss, career, his self esteem, 3 out of 4 men had family issues, financial problem, Dissatisfaction about sex life, amongst them. 1 out of 4 men has all of the issues. 2 men our of 10 has high blood pressure, despite the blood does not tend to go to his sexual organ causing ED. 50% f HK post 70’s has problem of mental disorder and pychrologic issues. 40% of HK men has mild mental disorder and 30% has serious mental disorder issue... 10% of HK men has diabetes, 80% of HK men over 45 years old has abnormal BMI. How about Premature Ejaculation? 5 out of 10 men in HK is Estimated to have Premature Ejaculation (PE)!
Definition of PE
A short time to ejaculation (prior to or within about one minute), lack of ejaculatory control and negative personal impact or distress related to ejaculation is defined as PE.
World Wide Status
Nearly 30 percent of males across the world are affected with the condition known as premature ejaculation and in spite of such a remarkable shocking percentage there are hardly any effective medications designed for treating this condition.
Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Unlike erectile dysfunction (ED), which tends to affect older men, PE has similar prevalence across all age groups. In fact, more men are believed to experience premature ejaculation than ED.
Priligy (dapoxetine) is the first-ever oral pill approved to treat premature ejaculation
The premature ejaculation, Recently Priligy has been sold out in Singapore within its first month of release. There is saying that 1 in 3 Singaporean has been suffered from PE. That supports my saying that similar Asian Hong Kong would have also huge demand for Priligy.
HK Sailor’s myth
The HK people used to take 1-3 pieces of Liu Shen Wan 六神丸 (six God Pills) dissolves in 5 cc of distilled Water, stir well ensure that they dissolved apply them on to the penis thoroughly, wait for 10 minutes and rinse it in water You will be surprised that your sexual intercourse will be prolonged for 30 minutes, this had been popular for most of the seamen and sailor in the past when Viagra is not yet been invented.
Premature ejaculation is believed to be one of the most common male sexual health problems globally. When the society is developed, those Workaholic, pressure, over weight, lack of exercise, No classical music is the main course of PE.
The survey conducted prior to the launch of Priligy also found that 77 per cent with PE never discussed their sexual health with a medical practitioner.
One reason PE sufferers may not seek medical treatment is because they believe PE is not a physical problem that can be treated by a doctor. Its manufacturer, Janssen, said the drug's strong sales now indicate that a growing number of local men are willing to discuss treatment options with doctors. There could also be growing recognition that PE is a medical problem.
What shall we do?
Have healthier sex life, as HK men are lack of exercise including sex in bed, average HK man has less than 2.3 times sex in a month. They should improve, partly due to the so call Yellow face Woman. (this is a HK Colloquial word for describing marred woman who never care about her body, faces and dress… sooner her husband would lose the interest in her) and prone to go for 2nd Wife in China, Macao and or HK… I believe there are 40% of age 45 or over man has one or two 2nd wife…
Next time,
You should prepare Priligy and Viagra Together… It is OK to be taken empty stomach or after meal. I believe the next thing selling in street of Shenzhen, Patpong, K.L. Malate, Sham Shu Po and Macao’s Lisboa hotel is Priligy! Beware of fake drug that could easily cause ED…and even death. Buy from reliable Pharmacy that you know.
Dapoxetine (INN, brand name Priligy, Poxet) is a short-acting selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) marketed for the treatment of premature ejaculation in men.[1] Dapoxetine is the only drug with regulatory approval for such an indication. Currently, it is approved in several European countries, including Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Austria and Germany. Dapoxetine is also being considered for approval in other European countries and in the United States, where it is currently in Phase III of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process. However, Priligy is yet to be approved in US. The US FDA rejected Priligy in 2005 and asked for clinical data to confirm the safety and efficacy of the drug.

Sham Shui Po Snob

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hong Kong is No.1 Most Competitive Nation.

After, Hong Kong Air port and Cathay Pacific airlines was nominated the best Air Port an best airlines last week, In the 2010 edition of the World Competitiveness Yearbook, released on Wednesday 18 May by the Lausanne-based Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland, Hong Kong, have moved up one spot to take first, Singapore was No.1 become No.3 this year, second place goes to USA as the world's most competitive nations. Both Hong Kong and Singapore have now surpassed the U.S. for the first time in decades. Since September 15 , the melt down of Leman Brothers in 2008. Singapore and Hong Kong suffered during the recession, but demonstrated a striking ability to rebound. Hong Kong’s prosperous economy is much related to the prominent economic growth of China.
However, Hong Kong faces the highest inflation rate, high soaring real estate price and the sluggish decision making of the impotent government administration is slowly poisoning this duck that can lay gold egg. The Gini Index is very high and more than 900,000 people in Hong Kong are classified as “poverty”. Minimum wages of HKD$28 has been listed in the labour law of HK since 1 May. We will be suffering as most of the cunning enterprise, and big firms and company instead will put the offset of the salary plus their finely calculated earning to the end users including you and me…
Well, intentions of helping the poor will not be at no cost.
HK Snob

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best Gift on Mother's Day

Monday Morning I heard form news in Shenzhen TV that the most Happiest Mother is Sweden, followed by Australia and Iceland, China is placed on 18th, I really do not know the position of Hong Kong. But I know that mother and father of Hong Kong are tough, as they young generation is expecting more from their parents. Since the average salary of the 25-34 years old people of HK's salary is lower that that in 1997. However the real estate price of houses in HK is higher than 1997 by 14.6%.
Many people are helping their kid for paying the down payment, or simply bear the debt to pay the house for their kids. Some of them are not rich at all, they even used up their retirement fund for paying the house of their kids. I think there is not right or wrong. But I would not so do….

As belongs to he baby boomer of the 50’s I do care about my mother… who is so such devoted his entire life for their kids… I always buy some thing for her on The Mother’s Day. I always said “I love you!” to my mom and give her a Kiss,,, In think this is the best gift for my mother,,, Do not wait for the mother day, if you love her, everyday could be the Mother's Day!
HK Snob

Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Win a Promotion!?

Accept The Fact
-When your boss pushes to close for an order to your customer.
He is doing heart selling, if you do the same in front of your boss, your boss will think you are doing hard Selling! This is difference between you and your boss.

- When your boss talks dirty jokes… you should laugh out loud, and if you talks dirty jokes, and he does not smile…. You have better beware!

The boss gets all the best package and remuneration of by removing yours.
-The boss is trying to impose a fair deal to all the employees, trying, as this is a dream!
-You will only have a promotion after a demotion, you boss said.
-When the company share price rises, your number of shares will be reduced proportionally.
-It is always helpless being a small potato in the company for promotion or at least not demotion, but something you may try to change the situation! How?
-The Difference between a boss and subordinates are, he can talk and you listen.
-When your boss is listening to his hand phone… you had better stay 20 metres away! Secrecy!
-When your boss wears a tie, you had better wear one.
-When your boss is standing up after entering to the meeting room, you should not sit down before he does.
-When your boss wears Prada, you wear a Rockport, when he wears Patek Philippe, you wear Seiko, If he wears Seiko, you wear an Patek Philippe… you had better think of your career development in some other company.
-When your boss asks you to order the food, you should be smart to order something delicious, something elegant, something healthy and something cheap!
-When your boss is coming into a door, you should be the one to open the door.
-When he enter the Taxi, you should close the door for him but do not clamp his finger!
-When your boss enters the car, let him sit in the rear side on the Right. You should seat in front of him… as if the car crashes, you are his body air bag.
-When your boss sleeps In the meeting, do not disturb him, pretend you do not know.
-When your boss does presentation, please pretend to write down something… to show you are interested in learning.
-When your boss is running on the trail, you should not surpass him.
-When your boss is in the toilet, you should be the one to leave first and keep door open for him.
-When you boss is walking with a lady in the street, you should pretend seeing nothing.
When your boss is sleeping in the Taxi when it reaches the destination…. Wait until he wakes up himself. Don’t be smart to wake him up.
-When you boss is chairing the meeting, let him sit in the rear facing the entrance.
-When you boss is asking for a bill, you should wait and see signals for his instruction who should be the one to pay… don't be smart to pay first as this makes him lose face in front of customer.
-When you order food in restaurant, avoid, crabs, spicy shrimp, stinky Tou Fu.. Salted fish, oily stuff and something exotic… he might not like… you should keep a recipe of what he likes most.
-When your boss tea cup is 40% empty, it is time for you to fill it up to 90%.
-When you pour beer into boss’s glass, try not make it overrun.
-When you put red wine into you boss glass, try not touch the glass with your bottle, fill up 30% f the glass only…Swing a few rounds of the red wine before passing to him… this shows you care!
-When you boss asks for Sprite mixing with his Chateau Lafifte, do not laugh… say this is the latest Chinese Hi-society trend… and you should follow…
-Make Sure you wash your hand and dry it every time as you may met you Chairman in the corridor. And you will have to hand shaking with him!
-When you travel, so not seat in front of the boss… always try to be three rows behind. Too near, he suspects that you are trying to listening to his discussion with someone. Too far, you seem so not care about him.
-When you moves around in the office, try not to have empty hands, this tells you boss you are having noting to do… fetch a stack of paper or a note book in your hand always.
- Call you boss the name…”Bill!" or Doctor Liu, do not call Mr. Liu, worst is Bill Liu!
Kowloon Snob

Justin was being described as " Acting like a Child"

Justin Bieber was told off by cabin crew for “Acting like a child” during a flight.
The baby pop star was reported scolded by a air stewardess who said he was a security risk after he and his body guard walked through the aisle from business class to economy class as the plan was moving on ground during a Qantas flight from Sydney to Melbourne on last Sunday.
According to Australian’s daily telegraph newspaper, he left red-faced after the crew member told him to “respect my workplace” and told the hitmaker she was treating him like a child because he was like a child.
The 17-years old singer then apologized for his behaviour and returned to his seat.
The day before he boarded the flight Justin was pelted wth eggs by a fan during a concert in Sydney… who refer themselves as “ beliebers” – took to tweeter to condemn the egg-thrower, one wrote : dear person who pelted eggs at Justin, you now have over 9 millions beliebers after you, be afraid, we go harder and harder. The post 90’s has been too much in seek of some of the funny act, weird songs or twisted love… The star was borne as an Anachronism. The Egg thrower is one of the one who want attraction…
This kind of case reflects that some celebrity has been over-cautious about end if of themselves, recalled that our Mr. Tung Chi Wah’s Wife had also had similar unhappy event that when she way flying on Dragon Air to China. She said' Do you know who am I?" and had an argument with the Air Stewardess.
Some of the very rich men Say. “Do you know who am I?" Some one say “ I know your boss, and I can make you disappears in this company!” When they are being treated SAME as other people, as they want themselves to be treated with Special Attention and Extra Care. Probably that they are just too nervous about their existence. When there are people starring at them, they feel offended and would like to have intention to send his body guard to offer a punch to have on your face... When there is no one watching them, which make them uneasy, they would try to make themselves to be a point of Attraction by doing something absurd…Tung's wife, Justin, to have the same habit. Well, One is a baby, one is a mama! How about the other age group…same if they are rich… Famous and notorious is just one step apart.
Pointing to your nose, saying that "Do you now who am I?" is just too common already….
Forgive them as they as they are just too lonely, too boring, too low in EQ.
HK Snob

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden was killed

The most prominent face of terror in America and beyond, Osama Bin Laden, has been killed in Pakistan, U.S. officials said Sunday night.
Bin Laden was the leader of al Qaeda, the terrorist network behind the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. President Obama had a night open speech to all citizens in the US said that his special forces have the body of bin Laden.
The enormity of the destruction -- the World Trade Center's towers devastated by two hijacked jumbo airplanes, the Pentagon partially destroyed by a third hijacked jetliner, a fourth flight crashed in rural Pennsylvania, and more than 3,000 people killed -- gave Bin Laden a global presence.
President Barack Obama has addressed the nation on Sunday, the president said he had ordered an operation -- carried out by a handful of U.S. troops -- to kill bin Laden in Pakistan. They did so after a firefight, bringing out the al Qaeda leader's body with them after their mission was complete within 45 minutes.
"His demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity," Obama said in a speech announcing bin Laden's death. "Justice has been done."
Moreover that Bin Laden in a compound cave made with 16 feet thick concrete wall, he might have been there for many years. There was no internet nor mobile phone was found., He might rely on dove, or passing written note by hand for organizing the activities in the compound to his team around the globe.
Knowing that the Bin laden had lost his importance after these years as at the same time, there are more new terror groups in various corners of the world. Well, this comes to a end of the justice to those who was killed and their family members in 11 Sept 2001.
Likely, everywhere , NY, SFC, London, will tighten the security in the terror attack.
World is just a small time slot in this universe of millions year of history, and we have never stopped war anywhere in the globe since we have the known human history.. When do we could stop killing, when we will start to learn loving our enemy? HK Snob