Sunday, February 27, 2011

What if you can not get a job after 200 rounds of unterviews!?

A HKCU master degree holder had not been able to find a job after 200 interviews, and seems that he had been complaining the society not providing him a right job. Well, if you had not been able to be offered a job after 200 trials, probably you may have to review about yourself what had been missing.

On the Other side of the Earth, Stevens, working in a Software Company for 8 years. Contributing his work quietly in the company. His company closed suddenly whilst his third son came to this world. He needed a job badly. One month later, he went to a software firm for an interview after he saw the ad on papers. The Company informed him for an exam, from his solid experience he passed straight the written test and was informed to attend an interview two days after.

He was confident about his capability in Software development, about through his experience. However when he was asked about the software industry‘s future whilst he has never thought of.. And naturally his interview was failed.

Stevens thought that he was refreshed about the future of the software development and future, though he was not able to be enrolled, he felt that he learnt a lot trough the interview, He picked up a paper and wrote” You Company provided me such a written test, and opportunity of an interview, Though I was not been selected, It makes me aware that there are a lot of things I could learn. I could learn and I learnt a lot, Thanks for your contribution to explore my knowledge. Thanks”

This Letter does carry a message, though the interview was a failure, interviewees dies not feel depressed at all, and sent our a Thank You letter. This letter was circulated in the company and passed to the desk of the Managing Director. The Managing Director read it and put it into his drawer, Three months later whilst the New Year is coming. Stevens received a greeting card here it written, “Respectful Mr. Stevens, if you wish, you are requested to share the new year’s Happiness!”

That greeting card was sent from the Software Firm he had an interview lately.

Well, the company had an opening and thought of the decent man with eagerness to learn Mr. Stevens, would invite him to join the company as a team mate.

This is the Microsoft, after many years, Stevens demonstrates his ability and his talent; he is the Vice president of Microsoft.
… I have been offering a training course to Ivy. From the training; I found the result had no idea on how to tackle an interview at all. And I had been going through at least 200 interviews helping the company to look for “Good Man”… I leant that there are a lot of things these young people should learn.
You may not believe, do you think that an University student is not able to answer this question when he was asked?
Question A. To name three brand names of Japanese car.

Question B. To write ten types of vegetables, ten types of fish and ten kinds of Fruit.

Question C. To tell me the Capital City of China, USA and Malaysia.

Surprising there is at least 50% of the graduates unable to tell ne more than one type if car as Question A. A Top University in HK even unable to tell any brand name of any of the Japanese car. There is less than 20% of the people could write more than 5 each type of the Fish, Vegetable and Fruit.
Some of the told me Shanghai is the capital City of China, New York is for USA respectively.
Man, nowadays a sheet of Gradate Certificate is not enough to guarantee you a job at all. All we need is street smarts. We have to know what happens about the World. What we could think of…!

Notes for an interview

1. Understand what the Company is doing before the interview
2. Understand the background, history, vision of the Company
3. Take a pre-study the company before the interview; make sure you should be 10 minutes before the interview.
4. Note the Dress code… White shirt, blue suit would not be a mistake, Causal wear for a job of engineer. Tuxedo is not needed
Avoid tennis shoes, ear rings, Tee-shirt for a job of Sales Engineers, say.
5. Shake hand with firmness.
6. Wipe you hands thorough before meeting the manager after you had been the rest room.
7. Listen to the question carefully before you answer
8. Stand up when the manager enters the room before you shake hand with him.
9. Knock the door, wait for a permission before you enter the room
10. Make sure you shoe is clean
11. A proper tie would be nice, jean should be avoided for a post of Engineer, Sales Engineer
12. Properly Shave you face, cut your nostril hair. Trim your hair.
13. Avoid to put strong Cologne, it would not help in the score.
14. Speak naturally and slowly, clearly. Maintain some eye contacts occasionally.
15. Good Luck!

HK Snob

Saturday, February 19, 2011

5 Millions HK Dollars for an Iphone4

This is the world that people produces such kind of extravagance, a Smart Phone that is asking at 5 Millions dollars for its rose gold case sporting 500 diamond, with a platinum navigation control set with a pink rose solitaire Diamond; Available from Stuart Hughes.

For those who want to use this kind of phone must be sick.. as they spend such kind of money would easily feed ten thousand People in slums of Thailand, Burma, Philippines and Africa for years!  Please make a wise choice!

HK Snob

A Dinner Gathering at House of Jasmine 18 Feb 2011

There is always a reason to create occassion for Gathering, since last time we had a fair well for one of our Brothers who is assigned to work in the German Hi tech business unit. This is another time that we had another celebration as for two reasons. One of us was promoted to Manager grade M2… and he will have manager room some corner in the company. Second, my HK Snob blog reached over 230,000 page views. With the original purpose of writing the blog was a practice to write more English as someone was criticizing my English was damn poor. Well, I am a Chinese studying in HK, how I can write well of better English? I liked writing since I was in secondary School. Though I had won a lot of prices in the school. Anyway, writing and mailing is different story. What the other saw was that I had some typo, spelling mistakes in the e-mail… That was the reason why I started writing blogs... and I did find that after two years My English has no improvement at all as I am still a Chinese.. What I am writing is Still ChinEnglish… But I see that I could have an improvement between the data Transfer from my brain on to the keyboard… at least 10X faster than I was before….

Someone told me that mark Twain had also making a lot of spelling mistake... like the word “High” and “Height”, sometime she mixed up. But he is a great Writer... His Typo would be meaningful! If I made mistake like that, someone will say… that is crap!

We had a wonderful night as we had a lot of old chaps who know each other more than 10 years... We had a lot of Bull shit, cheap stuff talking, and there 20% involving women, 10% involving the operation of the company, 25% about watches, 10% was related to the two girls beside the table. and other are purely Bullshit… It does not matter, as it is great evening… only I had to leave earlier to join the steam boat with my 2nd Daughter…

We had finally opened the great Bottle which I did have some suspect that would have gone over the top already… It was. And I think we should open it 6 year ago… Anyway this is an expensive bottle of Vinegar after I opened it…So Jim… I am sorry…We should open it 5-6 years ago… The 1990 Caymus can not last for 21 years.

The other three bottles were much better…. And I had had my favorite Crab steamed with Fa Tiu Wine and egg yolk… Served with plain Rice… the Gravy was one of the best@!

HK Snob

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Human Planet

This is a 3 minutes Video clip made by BBC ONE... The Planet of our Earth, live, human being, human and animal is struggling for survival. We will see how small human being is... Life is short! "Click the Title to see the video" Switch full screen and turn on the Volume! HK Snob

What should we do in the Saint Valentines day…?

Give a Kiss to your beloved in the morning.
Call up your daughters, mother and say” you Love her,,,, without her, there is no such Thing “You!”

Call up you beloved one and talk to her that “you Love her”

If she is your girl friend, say yes to marry her with a date, if she is your mistress, tell her you will divorce with your wife and marry her.

Send your ex-girls friends, ex-wives greeting in form of SMS or by means of phone calls. That is an important occasion to bring back some sweet memories.

Try to send your beloved one piece of Rose… 99, 999, or 9999 pieces of roses are not necessary as that is too showy…leave those flowers for the rich celebrities.

Pray and wish you beloved will die before you do… as if she loves you, she does not want to see you die first.. She can not stand that kind of loneliness. At least a few women told me that they do prefer to die before I…

Start from Today, work harder to save up money for you future Plan for Love.

Wish Every year you have some one to think of….at least some one…

Don't be a lonely in these Saint Valentines’s Day…no matter man or woman.

If you are single woman of 40, ask some one to buy flowers and send to your office… I don't mind doing that for you if you prepay the money to me in advance.

Wish all the beloved one had their dream coming true in this great Day of the year.

HK Snob

Saint Valentines' day, Tchaikovsky's Pathetique, me and You!

When you are Sad, then you could have the feeling on what Tchaikovsky was thinking when he composed this great Music in 1893, The “Pathetique”.
The Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op. 74, Pathétique is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's final completed symphony, written between February and the end of August 1893. The composer led the first performance in Saint Petersburg on October 28 of that year, nine days before his death.

The third movement as my favourite portion revolves around two themes, a nervous, jittery motif in the woodwinds and a majestic march originating in the woodwinds. As a march, it is very un-military. Its harmonic structure is established on the tonic and subdominant rather than the more common tonic and dominant. The jittery theme completely gives way to the march theme at the short development. Eventually, the orchestra launches into a full, triumphant chorus of the brass theme at the movement's end, often leading the audience to believe that the symphony is over. I had been to listening to this masterpiece that some of the people clapped their hands at City hall Hong Kong. And the rest of the sheep followed! What a Shame…

Well, Only if you have suffer, bankruptcy, devoices, of your girl is running away, or your girl does not allow you to enter the room when you are horny. Then you know how emotional and arousing pity this music could be…

I am listening to this DMS, Delos, Digital Master Series, recorded in USA and Printed in Japan using the latest digital technology in 1985, The Claims frequency response from 0 to 21 Khz, Dynamic Range better than 90 db, S/N ratio better than 90 db…

They used Schoeps 221B omnidirectional microphones.

When listened to this LP, I did not feel that is Digital, but a sort of Mild Tube like warmth of Analogue Music… Worth your Turn Table,Tone Arm and the Precious Cartridge to work on this 40 minutes of Enjoyment! And better Cry out Loud for your beloved! “Darling, come Back Home!
Tomorrow will be St, Valentine’s day, may all the beloved should stay together…. And Enjoy Dinner under the Candle Light….!!! Listen to the heartily words from your lover!!

HK Snob

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to Hong Kong Special Administration Region! Have A Nice Day

Mr. Yoshihiko happened to meet A Hong Konger Paul in the rest room before get on the car to avoid peegret.

Paul peeped at Yoshihiko’s penis, found that was tattooed “WY”on it.

He grinned and stared at Paul and hold up his little sex weapon and tried to enlarge it... after a few minutes it showed the full word “ Wendy”, he said, that is name of his Girl Friend!

“Thumb’s up!” Paul showed some respects to Yoshihiko San!

Well, With some dirty eyes looking at Paul’s…noticed that Paul had also a Tattoo “ WY” on his thing…of similar length at rest condition.

Just a minute Paul worked on it… It displayed “ Welcome to the Hong Kong Special Administration Region, Have A nice Day!”

HK Snob

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Famous Well-Wishing Tree in Lam Tsuen Tai Po of Hong Kong

The original Well-wishing Tree

The well known wishing tree in Tai Po Lam Tsuen looks after people from all walks of life ensuing good health, good harvest, wealth, peacefulness in society. Being one of the famous attractions in Hong Kong, in Movies and stories. A lot of visitors in Saint Valentine’s day whereby beloved people would become here for all kind of wishes for oneself and his beloved. The original Wishing Tree was camphor situated near by the Lam Tsuen Tin Hau Temple. The Tree Trunk grew hollow because of its age and sick; a bauhinia took over his place becoming the Wishing Tree in the 90’s. The tree was damaged by the burning incense. A banyan tree was planted in the same spot. Whist the new tree was established, People made their wished to the Banyan tree at Lam Kam Road instead. This Banyan tree became more famous that the previous one. In Chinese New year of 2005, a branch fell and we was alert that the tree was sick, after this incident people’s wish was hung on the racks to preserve the tree. Lam Tsuen Wishing Square was established in 2008, This 100 Old banyan tree was donated by Chan Chung, and it was transplanted from Zeng Cheng of Guangdong. I have made wishes for those who I mother, my daughters and all my wives... including the one who I love and who I know...Wish them all had a terrific year of Rabbit. You all know whom I am talking about. HK Snob

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Think Before You Marry!

Men want 3 qualities in wives: Economist in kitchen, artist in home & devil in bed.
But they get artist in kitchen, devil in home and economist in Bed.

Before marriage: Roses are red, sky is blue. You are beautiful, I love you.
After marriage: Roses are dead, I'm blue. You are my headache, one day I'll kill you.

Getting married is very much like going to a restaurant with friends.
You order what you want, and then when you see what the other person has, you wish you had ordered that.

I had better thought about it thoroughly beofre next Marriage!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Ad in Doctor’s Kitchen
Thanks for Smoking In my kitchen,

It kills all Cockroaches by lung Cancers!
- HK Snob

Ad in Pantry of a World No. 1 Electronics trading house
Thanks for all staff effort I last year, we had been successfully maintain Electronics world No. 1 Trading business by our revenue in 2010.
Plan for the worse, we will to maintain the same salary as we used to be to keep our competitiveness for 2011.
-HK Snob

Ad In Hospital Waiting Room:
Smoking Helps You Lose Weight ...
One Lung At A Time!

On a bulletin board:
Success Is Relative.
The more The Success,
The more The Relatives

When I Read About The Evils Of Drinking...
I Gave Up Reading

My Grandfather Is Eighty
And Still Doesn't Need Glasses....
He Drinks Straight Out Of The Bottle.

Sign In A Bar:
'Those Of You Who Are Drinking To Forget,
Please do Pay In Advance.'

Sign In Driving School:
If Your Wife Wants To Learn To Drive,
Don't Stand In Her Way....

Big Spender Chinese Vesus Stingy American

As for the past centuries, Chinese are taught to save money and plan for future, as least I was taught by my mother when I was young. American spends their future money, they invented the Credit card, and they buy by installments. They have little saving as comparing with Chinese and or Japanese in the 80’s 90’s.
 Now there have been some big changes.

China economy is speculated to be better, 42% of Chinese has their salary increased in 2010, 54% of them would expect their income will be continuously increased. This is a positive driver for expenditures.

In Past three year, 24% Chinese had their TV replaced, whereas there are only 18% in US. 72% of Chinese had a new Hand phone, 62% only happened in US.

One French Security firm had taken a recent survey on 1,766 families in 50 states , and 1, 668 family in 15 Cities in China I including Beijing Shanghai and some comparatively less prosperous cities Wu Han and Cheng Zhou.

These are the data

Have two employments in one Family: China 72%; US 36%

Saving Vs Income: China 28%, US 5%

Rent vs. Income: China 12%, US 30%

Grocery expenses vs. income: China 29%, US 17%

Clothing Expenses Vs income: China 11%, US 6%

Purchase of a Computer in 2010: China 37%, US 35%

Planned for an increased credit card expense: China 38%, US7%

On the Third Day of the Chinese new year, crowds of Chinese Tourists came to Hong Kong to spend their RMB, many Chinese spent over HKD$1,000,000.00 for a watch in less than an hour!

HK Snob

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Emmanuelle and Earthquake Fantasy; My heart is in love with you Forever

This is one of my favorite Records for testing your Stereo System, at that time when Earthquake was showed in HK in 1975 summer, the first 4 rows of seat of Mongkok Oil Sing Cinema were removed and installed stacks BGW power amplifiers and loudspeaker to create the live vivid earth quake effect. It was like real and shocked all the seats, ceiling, your popcorn would jumped out when the earthquake in movie came…

During the First day of the New Year. I took out this CD4 version of this disk and put it on my Linn Sondek LP12.

It was fantastic as it played Emmanuelle on the first side of the LP, the familiar melody of this erotic movie theme music just resembled what I had experienced in the past year with one of the most important women in my life… she is tender, Talked like ringing bell, perfect body profile, a kind of nose that is not coming with Chinese, whereby the have a special face profile, tall and slim, sweet and that one could not be ignored that he is in midst of his most happiest moment in his life….However...
After I flipped to the next Side, The first music was Earthquake. The powerful earthquake roared my heart, it broke my heart as much as she broke my heart. Since the first day of the year if Rabbit, we separated…nothing seems could do much to help unless I marry her.

In the last section of the movie Earthquake, Stewart Graff (Charlton Heston) was wipped away by catastrophic massive flow water in the sewage tunnel when he wanted to save his wife Remy Royce-Graff (Ava Gardner). I wish I could be Stewart in the Movie to show man’s greatest ego to die for love. …but in the real life of a lone man, I have too many responsibilities that I have to work for. Nothing hurts more than your woman leaves you….especially that you have not done anything wrong...

I had run a few rounds of the Emmanuelle and I could not stop thinking of her…I dared not flip to second side for the earthquake as it may make me throwout.

I think I won't hurt so much if I do not love her.

HK Snob