Monday, January 31, 2011

Her Money His Money Purfumes is best for HK people during Chinese New Year

During the Chinese new year, the most common greeting is “Kung Hei Fat Choi”, wish you had a big fortune!

Patrick McCarthy has just launched a fragrance called Her Money and His Money (approx HKD$260.00 each) which both open with the crisp aroma of dollar bills. Like real dollar bills. According to a Japanese study, workers become more efficient around the SMELL of money, so the idea is, you spritz a bit of this, work harder and hopefully you'll earn yourself some extra cash. The fragrance boxes feature REAL shredded money. In Chinese Saying Money is Stink, or sometimes we call bank note as Stinky Money... So this may be an irony act to use it as fragrance for the Money minded People of Hong Kong….During Chinese New year, you should spray fumes of Her Money or His Money on your neck  before you go out for visiting friends and Relatives.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cross Harbour Cable of Hong Kong

What is the most effcient cable car across HK Island and Kowloon Peninsular?

This is what I have talking for years, till recently that there are two buildings built with similar Heights. Why do not we connect them with a cable and provide a Jam free Commute between the two areas, a good news for those who would not like to travel through the cross harbour tunnels?
Or If you dare, Walk on it! Jackey Chan, consider it in your next Rush Hour!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hong Kong Real Estate Price is World’s Peak

Hong Kong is rated the top one as the Most difficult to be afforded for Housing purchase with an average of 11.4 years of family income.
With an average figure of middle range of flat costs HKD$2.58M with a normalized moderate family income of $225,500 a year. 2nd ranked City on the list is Sydney wtih 9.6 times followed by Vancouver with 9.5 times. A Survey performed by Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey today.

We see a trend that the traditional Expensive house was on the Peak, has shifted to those few tall sky scrapers in Tsim Sha Tsui , reason is that we can watch very best part of the Night view of Hong Kong Island and Victoria harbour. People from China are fond of buying those houses in that district. Luxury homes in Hong Kong are defined as those costing at least HK$10 million or bigger than 1,000 square feet (93 square meters).

This is the major concern for most of the people, younger couple going to get married, or one that would go pursuit of buying a house. They have to struggle saving up money for the first installment for a flat in Hong Kong. With the average salary of an university Graduate is about HKD$15,000. They might have to keep saving money for 5 years in order to pay for the first installment. Of course this is an average figure as when time goes by, he gets promotion and salary adjustment. But on the other hand, the housing price keeps going up higher unless the Government is determined to do something to cool down the market. I hope!

Attached is the Arch which was the most expesnive home in Asia last year.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Real Story, real lesson, Pranks are not Fun at all

Sent by friends more than 2 times. This video teaches us A lesson to learn that Pranks are not funny at all. So Beware not to perform it anymore to anybody!

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Live for Love

When I first married with the Most Beautiful Woman in Thailand, it took me seven days to think about it. It took me Seven years for the 2nd marriage, now I had entirely dare not think about it for the third time because Marriage could be more serious than that two were.
I always make joke describing that when your girl friend farts, it could smell like Parfum Dior Poison. It became Eau De Francheur three years after marriage and probably smells like the dog feces after 5 years. In other words, so Why don’t we keep our relationship forever as Dior Poison!?

When one woman loves you, she could possibly see “you” only, but not your wife, kids and or everything you go along…Be calm, that Love Fire can be gone in just one trivial trigger of augment or dissatisfaction on you! Time will tell, don’t be hurry.

I Love you, Ice, but how can I betray the one I have told her the same word some 20 years ago in a sudden, I had to plan ahead with everyone wearing smile when we depart with one and marry with you.
Love is blind especially we are in darkness, when you turn on the lights, things can be clear and you may wake up all in sudden.
Will I love you forever? yes, I would, but you have to give room for me to love those other thing that I am having, I can not give up all I have…I am A responsible Man, if she does not do anything wrong, what can I say just to dump her in the street, That is not real Chinese decent man should do…

It does not mean that I can make it this way forever, we will settle when good arrangement has been made, only it matters is time for me to save money enough to do this. Money can not make everything but it could do a lot more for some arrangement.

PS…. More about love I found in  HK newspapers.





他說:因爲隻能摘一次,又不能走回頭路,期間即使見到最大最金黃的,因爲不知前面是否有更好的,所以沒有摘;走到前面時,又發決總不及之前見到的好,原來最大最金黃的麥穗早已錯過了;于是我什麽也沒摘。 老師說:這就是“愛情”。
之後又有一天,柏拉圖問他的老師什麽是婚姻,他的老師就叫他先到樹林裏,砍下一棵全樹林最大最茂盛、最適合放在家作聖誕樹的樹。其間同樣隻能砍一次,以及同樣隻可以向前走,不能回頭。柏拉圖于是照著老師的說話做。今次,他帶了一棵普普通通,不是很茂盛,亦不算太差的樹回來。老師問他,怎麽帶這棵普普通通的樹回來,他說:“有了上一次經驗,當我走到大半路程還兩手空空時,看到這棵樹也不太差,便砍下來,免得錯過了後,最後又什麽也帶不出來。” 老師說:“這就是婚姻!”

3)柏拉圖式戀愛,也稱爲柏拉圖式愛情,以西方哲學家柏拉圖命名的一種異性間的精神戀愛,追求心靈溝通,排斥肉欲。最早由Marsilio Ficino于15世紀提出,作爲蘇格拉底式愛情的同義詞,用來指代蘇格拉底和他學生之間的愛慕關系。

柏拉圖認爲:當心靈摒絕肉體而向往著真理的時候,這時的思想才是最好的。 而當靈魂被肉體的罪惡所感染時,人們追求真理的願望就不會得到滿足。 當人類沒有對肉欲的強烈需求時,心境是平和的,肉欲是人性中獸性的表現,是每個生物體的本性, 人之所以是所謂的高等動物,是因爲人的本性中,人性強于獸性,精神交流是美好的、是道德的.

柏拉圖式的愛情有以下的意義: 1. 男女平等的愛情觀2. 在這世上有, 且僅有一個人, 對你(你)而言, 她(他)是完美的, 而且僅對你(你)而言是完美的。也就是說, 任何一個人, 都有其完美的對象, 而且隻有一個。

柏拉圖認爲人們生前和死後都在最真實的觀念世界, 在那裏, 每個人都是男女合體的完整的人, 到了這世界我們都分裂爲二。所以人們總覺得若有所失, 企圖找回自己的\"另一半\"(這個詞也來自柏拉圖的理論)。柏拉圖也用此解釋爲什麽人們會有”戀情”。

在他的理論中, 沒有那一半是比較重要的, 所以, 男女是平等的。而且, 在觀念世界的你(你)的原本的另一半就是你(你)最完美的對象。他/她 就在世界的某個角落, 也正在尋找著 你。我不知道,這樣的愛情現在是否真的存在,是不是真的不現實或者真的隻是在童話中才有。

隻是站在愛人的身邊; 靜靜的付出,默默的守候; 不奢望走近,也不祈求擁有; 即便知道根本不會有結果, 卻仍然執迷不悔,也就是這種不求回報的原因, 注定了它悲劇的結局; 最後 也隻能是一條在遠處守候的平行線;
留下回憶中,美好的片段, 當作永恒!!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cebu Sinulog Festival 16 Jan 2011

The Sinulog festival is one of the grandest and most colorful festivals in the Philippines with a very rich history. The main festival is held each year on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City to honor the Santo Niño, or the child Jesus, who used to be the patron saint of the whole province of Cebu (since in the Catholic faith Jesus is not a saint, but God). It is essentially a dance ritual which remembers the Filipino people’s pagan past and their acceptance of Christianity. This was Sunday 16 Jan 2011. There was the Miss Cebu Pageant, Parade, Vie for the Elegant Crown of Sinulog Festival Queen.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Most Expensive shop in Hong Kong

Percival Street is the major street in Causeway Bay, connecting to Gloucester Road in North and Leighton Road in the South. The concourse of the major street at Causeway Bay.
The Alexandra Percival was once the Taipan of Jardine, on of the oldest trading firm in Hong Kong. No.76 shop of 600 square feet hit the record of 380 Millions Dollars, that is an equivalent of HKD$633,333 a square foot. Currently being rent by Rado at HKD$640,000 a month, that is HKD$21,300 a day.
We expected that the new rent will be HKD$1,200,000 a month. 2nd Highest rent is Canton Road 6-8 shop which was has an useful area of 1212 Square feet, that was an equivalent of HKD$700,000.00 a square foot.
So, you can imagine what kind of goods they will be selling there, definitely that is some kind of luxury items.
As expensive as the goods, so as the rent…. So only the landlord is holding up our economy… as what one Wanton Noodle shop keeper said the first 1,000 bowls are only made for the Rent… for that day. What can we do!?

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Poor Me Verus a Wealthy Girl

It does not matter if you are poor, rich to be a happy chap. All depends on your Mindset!

There is always a way to make you relaxed and happy no matter how bad the situation is.

This is a picture I took when I was in Philippines... the young naive girl was resting in a relaxed and satisfied mood in a hammock hanging between the crank of the Truck under the sun. It made me felt jealous ad I was wearing shirt cuff linked, sweating, carrying heavy note book going to visit a customer…. In my mind, all I had was how to start the talk and make successful sales pitching! Poor me versus and a Wealthy Girl!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your Favourite Music Makes you feeling Like Making Love

Canadian Research told us the fact that under certain body temperature, Breathing, pulse, brain scanning on a person who is listening no his beloved music, there will be more release of dopamine from the brain, Dopamine can make ones be happy. The effect of that kind of happiness resembles the feeling of good food appreciation, earning Money and the joy of Making Love.

From now on, start up you Hi Fi system for the best type of music you like whenever you are typing report, writing blog, reading book, making love and even sleeping.

Remember to turn off the TV. TV kills the mood, the colour of the room should go Green which helps to delay the time for your Love Makeing, whereas Pink Shortens it...
Usually Love making take one hour and these is my favourite music during Making Love in a sequential Orders:

1. Live for Life
2. Emmanuelle

3. Summer of 42

4. The fruit is ripe

5. Penelope

6. A Man and a woman

7. Romance of the North Sea北海罗曼史

8. Tombe La Neige

9. Charade

10. La Mer

11. The Ending song of Love

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

World First's Edge Coaster

Imagine that you would be hanging on a Chair face down on 38 Floor outside in the building... What will you feel!?
If you are in Cebu, Try this horror geek! Gurantee that you would throw out.
It is situated at Crown Regency hotel up town Cebu, the Philippines.

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Three Times Making Love a night for a 94 Old Man

1. F***ing once a week is good for health, but is harmful if done everyday. *

2. F***ing gives proper relaxation to Mind & Body.

3. F***ing refreshes you.

4. After F***ing, don't take heavy food, opt for liquids.

5. F***ing can even reduce your cholesterol level.

6. F***ing reduces weight for sure...

This is "fasting", but this 94 oldest dad Ramjeet Raghav keeps three times making love a night with her 50 years old wife. His Wife said that she does not think her husband seems old, saying: 'He can make love like any 25-year-old man - and he can go on all night."
Mr. Raghav has taken the world record for world's oldest dad from Indian farmer Nanu Ram Jogi, whose wife gave birth to his 21st child when he was 90 in 2007.

*During the WWII in Nazi Central refugee Camp, human fertilization test was made with forced Masturbation at three hours one time for three years, and the mans was released after the war. And he had a son afterwards. So 8 times masturbations a day for three years do not degrade performance of human manhood at all. If you are not able to perform two times in Three hours, you had probably go see your family doctor.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Take Your Pant off on this Digital Day 110111

New York's annual pant-less commute has grown significantly over the past few years.
The event is run by comedy organization 'Improv Everywhere' who hope to break social taboos. Started with 7 persons in 2002 in New York, now spreaded over 40 cities including Zurich, Londom following this event. Whilse the surface was covered with snow, people removed their pants and walked out  and gathered together at Union Square.

Six meeting points, including the Great Hill on Central Park, have been allocated for leaders to brief groups and ensure that the stunt is a flawless success.
HK people will follow this weird event in 2012.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

This was once Hong Kong's busiest Toilet

When the Cross harbour tunnel was not built, that was before 1972, This Toilet at the Left side of Tsim Sha Tsui Start ferry was Classified the Busiest Toilet as we have approximately over 16,000 visits a day. Assuming that there are 20 persons in one ferry will visit the toilet, there are approximately 12 ferries a hours. One Ferry each 5 minutes, times 22 hours a day, plus another one 4,000 people from the bus. and 3,000 people from the train station. Plus other 4000 pesdestrains Total 16,280 Visit at the toilet, Now, there is approximately 8 persons per minutes, so totally about x60x22=10,560....

Here is the Toilet.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year Resolution for 2011

Year 2010 has gone into the Galaxy as infinite intangible dusts…
History wheel keeps on rotating and no one can hold for a one second of Pause. New life has borne, and some of us have passed away.

Each year we do hope for a better life, better days, and to do a little better, but there may not have such fulfillment with life and fate to be precisely aligned.

As over all 2010 is a good year. No one can see how it would be for the year 2011. Well, base on estimation, forecast and some tracked data, 2011 will continue be a good year for the HK economy, Gold price will soar high at HKD$20,000 a tael, Hang Seng Index will go up to 33,000 point. We hope there will be no QE3.

Salary of Hong Kong people may have merely 3% increase as an average, far beyond the rate of Inflation. On the First day of January, Cross harbour Tunnel, Gas, Electricity fare has been increased by 10-20%. That is a new burden to the average and poor. Hope The Goernement can do something for the poor.

31 Dec 2010, about 1 million of people was Celebrating on the count down at Tsim Sha Tsui, Times Square, Lan Kwai Fong, inviting friends for gathering, drinks, balls, dinner… Will they stop for a while and think of your new year Resolution?

Well, I think that the most popular goals for their resolution of HK people are:-

• Lose Weight

• Get out of Debt

• Getting married

• To buy a house

• Get a Better Job

• Get Fit

• Get a Master Degree or PhD

• Quit Smoking

• Take a Trip
Different people may have his different goal and resolution. All that means is his intention to of pursuit of achieving it. Some time we enjoy the process of achieving the target more than we once reached the result. The process to achieve the target is interminable for your whole year to get to prepare.
 These are some of my new year resolutions:-

1. Completion of Oxfam Trail Walker 2011 as the 11th participations
2. Avoid any debt

3. Be a Happy man, Happy Son, Happy Father and happy Husbands

4. Not Necessarily rich but needed to be wealthy.
The happiest people don't have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

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What Do HK People Do in Train!?

This was the picture I took at 0700 on the MTR, you can see that People of Hong Kong are so TIRED and 90% of them are actually falling into sleep.
Partly you may think that they had spent whole night at Time Square count-down at mid night. Every time I went to Hiking on Saturday or Sunday morning, we can expect to se the same scene.
The question to me is that why they are so tired!?
I guess that the have no time to sleep, and 70% of HK people sleep before 1130.

I think less than 15% of the people sleep before 1100. And mostly they are silver hair seniors. I think more than 10% sleep after 0100.
 Their favourite things to do in the train:

1. Rush and Jam into unoccupied seat

2. Sleeping

3. SMS, video game on their Iphone4

3. Chatting with friends loudly

4. Talking on phone in high decibels

5. Listening to their Ipod or MP3

6. Make up

7. Cutting their nails

8. Picking nose

9. Reading Magazines

10. Showing off the jewelery and expensive watch

11. Testing their new Hand phone ring tone

12. Pole Dance

13. Doing nothing

Click the link to see recent Pole Dance on China MTR Train.

Oddest thing I saw on train
A mother of a 2 year old child put a newspaper on the seat and ready to let her kid to shit. Yet we should appreciate her as she did care about public hygienic care using newspaper, at least. The entire neighboring passenger was hysterically shocked and ran away.

Old lady break the whole bag morning sprout with her finger and save the good one on a plastic bag and put the waste on another, she occupied three seats with each of the plastic bad on her left and right. She did this for about 20 minutes.

A 28 years old lay using the whole travelling course from Tsuen Wan to Tsim Sha Tsui for making up her face, trimming her eye brows by means of tweezers, applying lip stick with one hand and holding the mirror in another. She seems did not SEE anybody on the crowded apartment…

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