Monday, October 26, 2009

What a man wants In a Woman

No matter being married or being stack up with some one who you love, a man is looking for something he would like his second half should possess. That is some thing a woman should know…

1. He wants to see her nurturing side
2. Trust
3. An Independent woman that does not need him at all
4. Show the sexy side once in a while
5. A true partner, not just room mate
6. A angel in Living room and a devil in bed room
7. Forever Friendship
8. Woman knows how to compromise

Some time if your wife is trying to massage for you after works and listen to how to deal with some people you need in the business discussion.
That may even she give you some advice...or just a few words to comfort you...
Trust is the most important thing that woman should pay respect to… never check your husband's SMS in the hand phone, his credit card slip ,searches for tiny traces for being having third one . That is not really caring about your man. That would one day create isolation in communication, not trying to tell or even lie to you on where he has been in.

Treat your husband a friend an some time not too close to be …just to switch off the lights go into bed for sex,. And use towel to wrap up our body instead naked… to keep certain mystery can be a way to prolong the relationship, keep him in puzzle.

Do not tell them all things such as your bank saving deposited, your salary and bonus… Well. People said there is nothing to have between husband and wife, I do not think so…

I do always appreciate woman to be a listener, a true listen and may be s giggle whiles you are talking laughter’s to your friends and or her fiend at a dinner.

If your woman is keep dominating the gathering as a speaker, and or too talkative in your birthday party, that may not be so appropriate too. And you will not try to take her out in next occasion, that is to break the social linkage.

Back to a devil in the room, that is a way to keep you interested in new things surprise and that is most of the Chinese woman does not know or wonder his husband had to find a new way to satisfy his sexual imaginations from other the woman.


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