Monday, October 26, 2009

What does a HK woman wants in a Man?

Hong Kong Woman is a complex, sophisticated kind of animal, what they really need from a man changes when aged.

In general, she needs entitlement, Financial security and responsibility.

What a woman Want In A Man, ... (at age 20)
1. Movie star type of Handsome
2. Financially OK for her expenditure
3. Dresses with Style, never stay out of fashion
4. Good singer at Karaoke
5. An Imaginative, Romantic Lover
6. Not necessary rich man by has a place to stay
7. Drive Porsche, Ferrari, BMW 3 series

What a woman Want In A Man, (at age 30)
1. Nice Looking - preferably with hair on his head
2. Holds chairs
3. Has money for a nice dinner at restaurant
4. Listens more than he talks
5. A Sense of humour
6. Can carry her hand bag in MTR Train
7. Remembers Birthdays and Anniversaries
8. Carry her to his friends’ gathering
9. Surprise small gift at certain occasion
10. Good sex performance
11. Has a place of his own to stay >900 square foot
12. Drive Lexus not Toyota, Cayence not Harrier

What A woman Want In A Man, (at age 40)
1. Not too ugly - bald head acceptable as Chinese Saying “9 in 10 Bald head is rich!”
2. Manager in a company
3. Splurges on dinner at Cafe de Carol on occasion
4. Usually remembers the punch lines of jokes
6. Usually wears shirt that covers stomach
8. Shaves on most weekends
9. Afford to by her a LV bag on her birthday
10. A place of his own to stay together
11. A secure marriage
12. maintain to be a Good lover In bed
12. No Second wife in China
13. Put a blanket at night when I am sleep
14. A man with financial security is most important amongst all other items.
15. Car is a means for transportation, comfort and safe is important amongst all

What a woman Want In A Man, (at age 50)
1. Keeps hair in nose and ears trimmed to appropriate length
2. Doesn't belch or scratch in public
3. Doesn't nod off to sleep while I'm emoting
4. Doesn’t not snore when I’m sleeping
5. Doesn't re-tell same joke too many times
6. Don’t wear the same shirt all the time
7. Appreciate an occasional dinner at a nice restaurant
8. Remember your anniversaries
9. Do not talk too much about his boss to me
10. Shaves on some weekends
11. Even he has second wife, try to hide it and not let me know about it
12. Do not lose money in the stock market and take my Rolex Date Day to Pawn Shop

What a woman Want In A Man, (at age 60)
1. Care about the children
2. Have some money form the company retirement fund to make a living
2. Remember to pay the electric bill
3. Remember my hand phone number
4. Only snores lightly when awake (LOUDLY when asleep)
5. Keeps good enough shape to stand up by himself
6. Usually wears some clothes
7. Not willing to see his son of the second wife show up one day
8. Remember where he left his keys
9. Remembers when...

What a woman Want In A Man,. (at age 70)
1. Going for Hiking everyday
2. Still able to give a hug some times.
3. Remember to change his clothes everyday
4. Appreciate he can still remember the first day we met
5. Healthy and stay for another 10 years….

Personal Comment only, do not mean to offend!


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