Sunday, May 3, 2009

Greediness is the cause of poverty

A poor peasant girl once bought ten eggs from market, on the way home she met a man who asked her to borrow her five eggs and he will return her ten eggs the next day. She thought for a while and did not hesitate and gave five eggs to him. On the way back home, she started to feel glad that by next day she might have fifteen eggs.

However the basket with only five eggs would be rocking each other on the corrugated trail. And all of the 5 eggs were broken after the two hours walk. She was so scared and afraid that the master will get angry on her and get sick the night when she reached home.

The Story tell us that we should not be greedy and always we become poor when we are greedy. Try to be satisfied with what you have.

Do not invest in the stock market as 90% of the people get nothing after a while in the stock market, unless you want to be the poor farmer girl!


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