Thursday, September 17, 2009

Probably The Best Hokkien Noodle in Penang?

We had been spending time to look for the best in Penang including the famous Hokkien Noodles. Friends of Penang brough us to this shop at "One Corner Cafe" behind Hotel Royal down town Pennag City, they Open at 0800 and Close at 1100. Three hours works only!!

We arrived about and waited at the long queue, until 1045 we had our Penang Special Super Hokkien noodles! Before that,we had finsihed two coffee as we waited for the super-delicious noodles. According our freinds said, the soup is the magic as they prepare the soup by boiling lot of prawns early at morning at five. The guy can turn out a few hundred bowls a day. believe it or not? Today is Thursday, if Saturday, Probably we could not have the luck to taste it unless we reach there earlier in the morning!

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