Monday, February 11, 2013

Drifty to Charity is sin

I buy what CY just told in the news media that we should think about all the poor people in HK when we had a dinner with our family during the new year eve dinner.

I wish that HK people would have less poor people, now we have 1.18 Million whereas we had only 0.96m in 2012 under the same scale. The Number of poor people is rising,, probably due to the monopolynized landlord… As for the Tai Pai Taang, the first 600 Coffees go to the rent, for the Noodle shop, the first 2,000 Wantons go to the rent everyday. However, the hourly wages of a fast food helper is not enough to buy a lunch box

I hope that the $nake year could really bring the economy back, and I hope that some of the city tycoon, rich people just take out 2% of your properties and donate it to the charity fund, It would be helping a lot of poor people. Imagine you have less 2% of your wealth, there is simply no change in your life style you still can drive your luxury BMW750IL to work, you still earn HKD$1,000 per second everyday, you still can stay in your apartment of 1,000 Square Meters. You still can wear your Vintage Patek Philippe, and you still can put on the Super 160’s Tasmanian Wool suit and Drink DRC with your Celebrities friends.

Saving money is a virtue and thrift to charity is sin. Try to help people is a kind of blessing. after all,  I believe… the City would be having more smiles, more love…

HK snob

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