Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Manila Flood 7 August 2012

There is no typhoon in the country at the moment, but one near Taiwan is affecting the southwest monsoon, bringing rain over Luzon.

Rain has been non-stop since Typhoon Gener (international name Saola) which left the country last week. Death toll from the sustained downpour has risen to 53. The situation is bad.

All Government office, schools and all public activities are suspended early this morning until further notice.

Some 200,000 families (or about one million individuals based on an average of 5 per family) across 11 regions in the country have been affected by heavy flooding and landslides caused by incessant rain.

The government has mobilized teams to extend relief to the families, many of whom are now located in evacuation centers. There are 100 evacuation centers in 11 regions affected by monsoon rain, 42 of which are in the National Capital Region.

Earlier, at least 20,000 people were reported displaced as water from spilling dams and rivers covered at least 50% of Metro Manila. Fifteen national roads in the capital are also impassable due to high water levels.

The state weather bureau said heavy rainfall will continue for the next 24 hours! Water has increasing level at rate of 56mm/hour at Manila!

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