Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is the most preferred seat on an aricraft?

From Skyscanner pole of 1,000 airline passengers, the result shows 6A is the most preferred seat on a Standard aircraft. The least Favourite seat is 31E, The front row are most popular, Perhaps more surprising was the number of passengers who prefer the window seat – almost 60% - compared to just 40% who opt for the aisle, with less than 1% choosing the middle seat. As from my experience most of the frequent flyers like Isles seat at front, and most women like Window seat, also probably Women had a stronger and larger bladder, men like Isles seat as he they may like to Touch those women passer bys? In CX and some other airlines there is no Seat No. 13. and I hate the seat the centre seat with two on my right and one on my left, especially had a chance to have a smeller fat men beside… I have seen some airlines had a lot of cockroach under your seat, and those are limited to some airlines. HK Snob

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