Monday, January 23, 2012

Taboo Subject we should avoid during Chinese new year

HK tradition during the first few days of Chinese new years includes visiting friends, family members whereby Lai See will be given from the elderly to the younger singles.
These are the ten taboo that we should beware when we meet them. Try not to involve these sensitive subject even though you are the senior member of the family.
1. Why you have gain weight so much recently?
2. Why you are still single and I hope you will marry soon, that I do not have to give you Lai See next year.
3. How much did you earn last year?
4. When you will buy a house!?
5. Who you had been with recently?
6. When you plan to have baby?
7. Are you still un-employed!?
8. Do I need to introduce someone fro your daughter!? She may have problem in finding boy friend?
9. When you will be promoted?
10. Where do you stay now?
Some of them may still be OK if you are showing concern to your cousin, nephew but may not be suitable if you ask your freinds' relatives, I think!
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