Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hong Kong People and Dogs not allowed

The recent D&G bedlam issue has been raised to an international level,
Well, I don't know the real cause of the issues.
I think People of HK actually believes a fact that the world is economic driven if you are the minority and you are not the big spender like our brother sister Chinese who came there for volume purchase.
I have seen a Chinese guy who speak Cantonese happened in Salvado Ferragamo boutique Tsim Sha Tsui he pointed to the shoes and asked for all colour they have, no price negotiation, just told them to pack them all.
One Shanghai family of they remember went to HK for shopping HKD$1.5 millions in three day in 2011 Chinese Year.
The Chinese man who spent just 2 hours to buy HKD$6M amount of watch in 2010 Chinese new year.
How do you feel if you run the shop? Well, a poor me went to the Rolex shop ask this and that and never make a purchase the took the catalogue and go to another shop comparing prices…
No One would likely enjoy to work with People of HK for business, of course I don't rule out that there are still a bunches of rich HK people who can afford to spend a large amount of money for Rolex, Louis Vitton, or Chanel, The problem is, they have already these kind of Luxury goods long time already they are pursuing another way of life. If you re in these category of people, you are unlucky or lucky, but I am trying to say is that the average people is not rich and those rich is living another society. As they never need to squeeze into the suffocated MTR train, they need no go into the tram or buses. They seldom go to Taai Pai Tong.
I am afraid one day the Luxury brand shop will display a notice to people of HK. “ Hong Kong People and Dogs not allowed”
This will happen, so I persuade that if you have 15M cash, go to migrate to other country try to be a King there. Friend of mine bought an island with farm on Philippine and he is living there.You may able to buy a island somewhere, and you can live peacefully there Happily…
HK Snob

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