Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bad habbit

10 Things I dislike
1.Point with finger tip on my computer screen during discussion. That leave a lot of dirty finger prints. Why have to touch on the screen !?
2.Long nostril hair that exposed outside the nose.
3.Put his hands on my suit I rest it on my chair while he is talking to me.
4.Push me by kicking my shoes whiles I am already walking out cabin in an aircraft.
5.Play with the ball pen creating nuisance noise “tick tak” during a meeting.
6.Bad mouth breath and never keep a distance away.
7.Wearing a tie but with his shirt cuffs folded up
8. Wear a branded shoes but never been cleaned for days.
9.Walk out from the restroom with wet hand.

10. Shaking his legs while we are talking.
HK Snob

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