Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Life is getting Worse

First of all, I am clarifying that I am not a materialist. As People talks about “You are what you eat, you eat what you are…” any Watcher said that You are what you wear” and I have declare as I always mention in my blog, my English is lousy!
What I can see nowadays when I sit at the departure hall of Hong Kong Airport watching those people passing by. What I can notice is that, they might be rich and never have short of money but look at what they are possessing, what they are using, what they are wearing, listening are all below the standard of the 80’s!
That is a bit too much when I say like this.. but look at what we have now… I guess that is the end result of this over developed industrialized commercial world…
Lesser people know, understand what Analogue music produced from the MC cartridge comparing with thee Digital music read by the Laser head. Less then 0.01% of HK people goes to concert for Classic music a year.
Most of the people goes for fast food.
Lesser people now what real good Wanton Noodles are. Now they eat the noodles has a strong Alkaline smell, The wanton is too dry, they dare not use more fat as people may not like to eat for sake of Health. Too much fast food makes you fat.
People may not know what real good wine is, sometimes expensive one does not necessary gurantee good one, as storage is a big question.
Too many over dressed with brands.
Over-protected will kill them
Many past 90 youth don't know who to cross the road.
iPHone and Book
Poeple of HK seoldom read books, How cna we change this culture!?
I have seen a lot of expensive but dirt shoes, no one cleans the shoes
HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Funny how you critisise Hong Kongers' standard of English because your own written English is not really up to scratch.

HK Snob said...

Hi Friend,
It is no funny, it is serious!
Do you know why? Do you know why I started blogging, just simply beacsue my colleagues and boss complained to my lousy English in my mail. Since then I wakened, as my English was C in GEC O level some 30 years ago, I thought it was OK! Till I worked in teh commercial world, I knew mine is not good enough!
Some one (singaporian) taught me to start blogging, as there is not too much pressure to write and there will be someone like you to criticize on it. Over these years, I have received negative and some positive comment, but all I need is negative one. As that would push me writing more, and friend of mind will keep on telling me what is wrong. Sorry that I criticize the standard of English in HK, as I am the Victim also.
If you are comparing the standard of the general People between HK and Singapore or Malaysia, how do you rannk it!?
I will be more humble to say something, but that is what the World of Blog is made for: telling one'e feeling though sometimes it may be Wrong! Welcome you comment is for sure.
HK Snob