Sunday, December 11, 2011

HK is the best selected place for Visitor in Chritmas

HK, a dynamic city, though it has been troubled by the worsening air pollution problem due to the lousy officer who knows nothing about anything but sitting in their office “Fishing” ( a colloquial term meaning “ Sleeping”) though. It is still one of the best ten mostly selected, or recommended placed for visitor in December…
We had winter sometimes the temperature is about 9-14 Degrees, that give you a winter feeling… Today the Sek Kong Temperature is 7 Deg C and Tsuen Wan is 9 Deg C.
HK is a Dynamic and vibrant City
At Mid of November, most of big buildings, shopping arcades and private firms would spend time in decorating their shop and building with a brisk of Christmas atmosphere…We had a lot of beautiful Christmas decoration which is no the boring Classic Christmas Tree!
We would likely have a lot of Sales in major Shops in HK, tourist would not be feeling unhappy when they see their favourite shopping list is being sold at 70% of less when they came here in September.
Food and Eatery
The Food of HK has never disappointed you, only concern is your weight, after a week in HK, you will gain weight 5 pounds guaranteed
Cost of expenses
HK Dollars is pegged with US greenback, a good incentive for European, SEA and Chinese as they get a lot of intrinsic discounts just from Exchange rate itself.
It would be more encouraging if the Hotel Charges of Hotel would be lowered a bit.
Authentic Goods
Most of the luxury brands are actually available in China large City, but when you come to HK, just you go to Canton Road, likely you can get all your beloved branded goods you like in one afternoon, Saving a lot of time..
China Riches…
Now from my personal market studies
80% tourist if from China, and they spend about HKD3,000 per day per head.. that is a lot to boost up HK’s economy.
I think that is why every year, HK is selected as the top 5 city for Christmas visit.

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