Monday, September 12, 2011

If one gets famous , it is time for it to go failure

The Bottom Old Spice in Red is new Cheap version, whereas the top one was the good original.

You see the Yacht was small, ugly and shamful on teh new one.

Yes, there are cases, I used to used Old Spice After Shave when I was at School back inn 70s.
And that bottle was made of ceramic and it is heavy, beautiful… I always missed the fragrance and the refreshing feeling after I splashed on my face after shave.
Now I went to Long Shing Cosmetics at TST and found the Old spice, when I opened the bottle it is made of light cheap plastic.. Well the price of it isn’t cheap at all.
I feel disappointed already, which I used it this morning and found the old good fragrance was gone, it smell nasty to me…a pungent plastic smell that almost make me vomit!
So I think that Old spice was successful and somehow they changed the Package and even the formula of the After Shave Lotion. It was a failure!
Whereas the 4711, it was as same as it was 40 years ago, so good so nice…
This is a comparisons why big brand can come break down one day because they have been famous and the owner of the company would like to pursue more and high profit by Cost Reduction!!
Hope the big company or big shanzhai could learn on how to sustain a brand name nit by cost reduction, Instead, improving the product carefully using even better material. Especially luxury product.. no one care about the price…they are the Quality of the product. If the Cost reduction would improve the Quality, then go ahead, of better stay as it was made…
HK Snob

Moral of the article is
Quality is not easy to be copied, created, in one day, but you can destroyed it in one minute by Cost Reduction. Same for a great Company!

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