Monday, September 12, 2011

It always come to wrong side

I have been thinking after so many years why I cannot hit the mark six lottery jackpot.
Until recently, I started to check how lucky I am from the daily activities.
When I pick up the socks, I always pick up the left socks first, as I used to wear the Right first. So When I go hiking, I buy those Socks that has labeled R or L on the socks.
Every time when I want to open or close the blinds, I just pull the drawing string by random, everyone knows the chance is 50 50 and I never picked the correct one at first time. There should have some design change to ensure we pick up the right string.. by Colour?!
When I want to plug in a USB drive to the pc, I never care which side is which and do it at random, the result is same, failed in first attempt to insert in right orientation. Orientation means should be equipped on the PC.
When I pick the key of my main door, always I pick the wrong keys- They should go for biometrics Finger Print sensor, no more key.
Moral of the article is.. it will have the wrong choice, so sometimes, we got to be relaxed.And make a right choice in the first trial
HK Snob

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