Friday, September 23, 2011

Importance of a good Breakfast

There is some difference between a 3-stars and 5-star hotel, may be there is a larger conference room, 50M swimming pool, a professional gym in the 5-stars hotel. But to a frequent traveler, the most important consideration staying at hotel is Safety, Cleanliness and the breakfast. I don’t need a 5-star hotel as I have brought with me the swimming trunk with me for 9 months,. I had just used it for once! may be 3-4 stars is good for me. It is important for you to rejuvenate yourself after one day’s work visiting customer, meeting people at the conference, and or drinking with business partners. After all it is necessary to have good rest in the bed and wake up early in the morning. All I need is a better room with a better bed with choice of pillow hardness and size!
2nd Important is A good breakfast that would help you mesh into gears in the decision making, concentration and likely the problem solving speed.
I don’t believe that people does not breakfast would work better than the one with a good breakfast, someone says, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like beggar. It tells the importance of the Breakfast.
Cost saving programme going down to a 3 stars hotel keep the starved In the day likely would make wrong decision in the business that might cost in loss in term of Cost x1,000 times than you stay in a better hotel. Don’t mentioned 1 star hotel., as there is never a way to find 1 star hotel on Earth. As if they call it one star, no one would go into it.
That is no longer called Hotel, they call guest house or inn.
Only wise management knows the secret of success, only poor Shanzhai struggles to survive by control necessary spending. Of course, this is the idea of a Snob, or why should I call myself a snob!?
HK Snob


Terry Fung said...

Yeah, Breakfast is important, such that we can make a good judgement in every important decison.
Also, we need to choose suitable style also. Although Japanese breakfast maybe wonderful, "sun" egg with toast will be my favour.

HK Snob said...

Hi Terry

A Cup of Green tea, Hot Oatmeal, Two Fried Eggs, A bowl of Salad, a toast with some butter with trvial scattered of sands, A glass of fruit grapes juice, a set of Todays newspaper. What else you want.

manila Snob