Thursday, August 11, 2011

Medical Achievement of HK

In an International medical Forum. Three famous doctors from USA Japan and HK met and started to talk about their medical achievement.
Japanese Doctor said that he had a young kid who had an accident and two of his finger was broken, and he was the one who on charge of the operation to re-connect his fingers. His patient got the Tchaivosky piano award this year in Vienna.
The American doctor said there was a young boy who had a car accident ad his leg was broken, he managed to perform the best of his surgical operation. His patient got the Gold medal in 100 M Sprint in 2008 Beijing Olympian Games.
The Hong Kong Doctor mocked and said, some thirty year ago, there was a young boy who was hurt seriously that his brain was totally damaged, sent to his hospital, He made a surgical operation to use a Swine’s brain to replace his dead brain.,. Now this gentleman is the Director of education department in Hong Kong.

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