Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HK First two Hydrofoils running between HK and Macao

Santa Maria

Madeira and Santa Maria, was the first Hydrofoil running by Fareast Shipping between HK and Macao in 1970’s
Madeira was launched in Feb 1975, Santa Maria was in Jun 1975. Santa Maria and Madeira were first 2 boats built for far east hydrofoil and the legs were specially cut shorter to suit the shallow waters in Macau channel in 1970's and until today, the complete fleet still in service despite the huge fuel consumption of 2 jet engines. They are the most beautiful boat ever built especially when she is making roll turn, the pose is so elegant. Comment by Boat Lover;Yet Fu.
They have been carrying many people from HK to Macao during week ends with Sweet dreams, however most of them 96% of them came back with empty pockets. In the 70 there was only Lisboa, and now there are so many new casinos in Macao.
Macao runs their economy by Casino, night life, sight seeing... from 70-90, 80% of the tourist is from HK, nowadays, 60% is from China, and 20% is from HK and rest are from SEA. Gambler throwing token valued HKD$10,000 each is 90% Chinese!

Macao Snob

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