Saturday, July 16, 2011

6 Big Lies from the Big Company

Employees are our Valuable Asset
No! That is not true, when there is market slow down, when purchase order is not coming. They have to cut expenses; they would like to impose layoffs, as this will immediate increase the profit margin. When the profit goes up, they will put it last to consider salary raise for their employees, despite, the first thing they do is to increase the income of the executives by mean of performance bonus as they did good job to cut off people increase profit margin and the net profit!
Why Big Corporations Tell It: This is part of the general disinformation campaign that corporations foist on employees in the hopes of generating a sense of Loyalty. While executives probably don’t expect every employee to believe this BS!
Quality First
Quality is money, and money is cost, no one wants to go for good quality product... as it will reduce the profit, only smart and who has long term vision entrepreneur has the guts to product good quality product… most of the CEO is looking for short term profit…they don’t do quality if they involves high cost. They keep on Waive the quality issue, delay this small order ship and give the priority to this big chap. Reduce test procedure as test is non-value added crap, shorten the reliability test procedure.
Products so produced is an optimized Quality-profile-struggling process…
No one makes Amplifier as Marantz, mcIhtosh did in the 60’s.
Your Responses Will Be Completely Confidential
That is a lie, as they need this information to save their cost to find these themselves.
After that they will not give you salary raise, and if that information is related to some personal affair of your top boss. Beware, they will come to you and kick you ass out of the company… So Shut your mouth and don’t talk to keep your position.
We Are a Meritocracy
Why It’s a Lie: Promotion will go to those people who are good butt-kissers, those who have pre-existing connection with the colleagues, of family members of the top guns.
Similarly, an executive comes in at the top and pulls a bunch of cronies with him. Look around and see there are numerous examples in your company!
Why Corporations Tell It: Even though most executives inside Fortune 1000 firms “won” their position as much through connections and politics as through actual talent, they want to believe that they were promoted due to their vast intelligence and ability. Furthermore, they want to convince their underlings that if they work hard and do what they’re told, they’ll be duly rewarded. The fiction of a meritocracy thus allows executives to indulge their vanity, while simultaneously holding an illusory carrot in front of the eyes of otherwise hapless employees.
Our Core Values Are Customer Satisfaction
All corporation have one core value and one alone: to make money.
This is more or less a sales gadget, a sales slogan, at the end of the day even this customer is big, of one day they do not buy, they will be dumped!
Loyal employee will be rewarded
Who s more loyal will be paid less... the company has to answer their end share holder for Revenue, Profit, no one cares this man has been contributed to the company for 25 years, or 30 years, if he can be replaced with a lower cost with similar performance, Why not?
Don’t believe this crap! Stay Safe by working hard like the Dozy bear Yolanda in my Animal blog!!

Orginal article was Writen by Mold. Hamizi F. Gerhard Franken Stein Chan
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