Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Men of 50

If you are 50 and have no been engaged or marry, please do not get marry. As you are unhealthy living up single till 50, do not bring this sickness to the opposite sex.
If you are 50, and find that you had never seem to have something successful in your life, you are finished
If you are 50, and have not been to the KTV or massage in a Sauna, you should go for once.
If you are 50, don't follow the young one starring at woman, you are supposed ao be a sneir decent man, do not stare, peep them…
if you are 50, still can Commence not settle down for one or two happiest event you had had experienced, try not to push ourselves up to limit to the target..
If you are 50, seems that you have not done anything Big and Take makes you famous
You should go try doing something else.
If you are 50, go to funerals as many as you can, you will understand that one day, you will be part of the team in the heaven.

Sham Shui Po snob

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