Monday, June 6, 2011

After 600 Years, Shi Lang will be the First Chinese Sea Dragon

China May not soon, at long last, get its first aircraft carrier, After ten years of renovation, the former Soviet carrier Varyag Varyag-sister ship to the Kuznetsov could take into sea as the largest and grandest ships in the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). We think that China will build likely more say 5 aircraft carriers.
Casualty of the post-Cold War, the Varyag was laid down in the early 1980s, but construction was aborted in 1992 when the ship was 70% complete, Ukraine, which inherited it I after the break-up of Soviet Union, stripped the ship bare and left it exposed to the elements for several years.
In 1992 a Chinese delegation visited the Ukraine in the hopes of coming to terms on a purchase price of the unfinished vessel but in vain for the suitable price. In 1998, the Chong Lot Travel Agency, a supposed Macau firm, bought the Varyag from the Ukraine for $20 million dollars with the stated intention of making the Varyag a casino. Chong Lot had no offices in Macau and was simply a front company for a Hong Kong firm called Chinluck Holding Co. Ltd. It took three years for the front firm, Chong Lot Travel, CEO, related to PLAN, got permission to tow the Varyag through the Istanbul Straits and on to China in 2001
When the Varyag was finally sold via an intermediate company, then into China in 2001.
After ten years renovation including re-installed the electrical systems, re-constructed the bridge, the Varyag changed its name to Shi Lang, that China Navy may use it more as a research and Training platform for the future carrier designed and screws, rather than a fully functioning carrier..
At one time, the Authoritative Jane’s information Group speculated that the PLAN could build u to 6 aircraft carriers, commissioning the first by the 2015.
China is continued to plough considerate resources into Military modernization. Most Recently boosting its defence budget by 13%, to US$92B.
China is desparate in constructing a Fleet of Aircraft carrier, not just one Shi Lang, it would constitute revolutionary turn of events inters of expansion China Military power. That will result a great alter the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific Region. Still there are a lot of rumour that this carrier does not equipped with Arrestor gear for the aircraft landing... if that is the case, there will be only used for Choppers... Well I beleive China as the technology to build the Arrestor gear themselves, let's see.
This is a new landmark for China to debut the sea power in the region since the Cheng Wo, who took his fleet to conquer the Countries in the India, Middle East to East of Africa 604 years ago. That is the Rising of the Sea Dragon in the Seven Seas!
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