Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden was killed

The most prominent face of terror in America and beyond, Osama Bin Laden, has been killed in Pakistan, U.S. officials said Sunday night.
Bin Laden was the leader of al Qaeda, the terrorist network behind the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. President Obama had a night open speech to all citizens in the US said that his special forces have the body of bin Laden.
The enormity of the destruction -- the World Trade Center's towers devastated by two hijacked jumbo airplanes, the Pentagon partially destroyed by a third hijacked jetliner, a fourth flight crashed in rural Pennsylvania, and more than 3,000 people killed -- gave Bin Laden a global presence.
President Barack Obama has addressed the nation on Sunday, the president said he had ordered an operation -- carried out by a handful of U.S. troops -- to kill bin Laden in Pakistan. They did so after a firefight, bringing out the al Qaeda leader's body with them after their mission was complete within 45 minutes.
"His demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity," Obama said in a speech announcing bin Laden's death. "Justice has been done."
Moreover that Bin Laden in a compound cave made with 16 feet thick concrete wall, he might have been there for many years. There was no internet nor mobile phone was found., He might rely on dove, or passing written note by hand for organizing the activities in the compound to his team around the globe.
Knowing that the Bin laden had lost his importance after these years as at the same time, there are more new terror groups in various corners of the world. Well, this comes to a end of the justice to those who was killed and their family members in 11 Sept 2001.
Likely, everywhere , NY, SFC, London, will tighten the security in the terror attack.
World is just a small time slot in this universe of millions year of history, and we have never stopped war anywhere in the globe since we have the known human history.. When do we could stop killing, when we will start to learn loving our enemy? HK Snob


Anonymous said...

我的朋友: 聖人才會愛敵人罷! 那些以暴易暴的行為,沒有甚麼值得慶祝! 那是另一次恐怖事件的導火線!

HK Snob said...

Hi Caca, most of the people loves their foee, like husband loves his so called wife!

HK Snob said...

Hi Caca
I mean foes...

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Hi Fever,