Saturday, May 7, 2011

Justin was being described as " Acting like a Child"

Justin Bieber was told off by cabin crew for “Acting like a child” during a flight.
The baby pop star was reported scolded by a air stewardess who said he was a security risk after he and his body guard walked through the aisle from business class to economy class as the plan was moving on ground during a Qantas flight from Sydney to Melbourne on last Sunday.
According to Australian’s daily telegraph newspaper, he left red-faced after the crew member told him to “respect my workplace” and told the hitmaker she was treating him like a child because he was like a child.
The 17-years old singer then apologized for his behaviour and returned to his seat.
The day before he boarded the flight Justin was pelted wth eggs by a fan during a concert in Sydney… who refer themselves as “ beliebers” – took to tweeter to condemn the egg-thrower, one wrote : dear person who pelted eggs at Justin, you now have over 9 millions beliebers after you, be afraid, we go harder and harder. The post 90’s has been too much in seek of some of the funny act, weird songs or twisted love… The star was borne as an Anachronism. The Egg thrower is one of the one who want attraction…
This kind of case reflects that some celebrity has been over-cautious about end if of themselves, recalled that our Mr. Tung Chi Wah’s Wife had also had similar unhappy event that when she way flying on Dragon Air to China. She said' Do you know who am I?" and had an argument with the Air Stewardess.
Some of the very rich men Say. “Do you know who am I?" Some one say “ I know your boss, and I can make you disappears in this company!” When they are being treated SAME as other people, as they want themselves to be treated with Special Attention and Extra Care. Probably that they are just too nervous about their existence. When there are people starring at them, they feel offended and would like to have intention to send his body guard to offer a punch to have on your face... When there is no one watching them, which make them uneasy, they would try to make themselves to be a point of Attraction by doing something absurd…Tung's wife, Justin, to have the same habit. Well, One is a baby, one is a mama! How about the other age group…same if they are rich… Famous and notorious is just one step apart.
Pointing to your nose, saying that "Do you now who am I?" is just too common already….
Forgive them as they as they are just too lonely, too boring, too low in EQ.
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