Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best Gift on Mother's Day

Monday Morning I heard form news in Shenzhen TV that the most Happiest Mother is Sweden, followed by Australia and Iceland, China is placed on 18th, I really do not know the position of Hong Kong. But I know that mother and father of Hong Kong are tough, as they young generation is expecting more from their parents. Since the average salary of the 25-34 years old people of HK's salary is lower that that in 1997. However the real estate price of houses in HK is higher than 1997 by 14.6%.
Many people are helping their kid for paying the down payment, or simply bear the debt to pay the house for their kids. Some of them are not rich at all, they even used up their retirement fund for paying the house of their kids. I think there is not right or wrong. But I would not so do….

As belongs to he baby boomer of the 50’s I do care about my mother… who is so such devoted his entire life for their kids… I always buy some thing for her on The Mother’s Day. I always said “I love you!” to my mom and give her a Kiss,,, In think this is the best gift for my mother,,, Do not wait for the mother day, if you love her, everyday could be the Mother's Day!
HK Snob

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