Thursday, April 21, 2011

Macao, another favourite place for those Chinese Big Spenders

Macao has become the entertainment capital of the Far East the in more ways than one.
Certainly, the clusters of magnificent hotel, casinos, resorts, mall, restaurants, spa, massage palours and show venues that have transformed its landscape in the past ten years exert a power allure. But it's been almost thrilling to simply observe the breathtaking paces of the development of the infrastructures. With each new building striving to nudge the height of luxury just a little higher than the last. Seating beside the Venetian Hotel is the new bigger thing, the 550,000 sqm mega Resort Galaxy Macao. Constructed at a cost of HKD$15.9B. Will soon be commencing for welcoming your visit.
As I had been there just for three days, a bit surprising not to find any interesting point that could make me stay more in Macao, Simply because I do not gamble, all I need to find out is the food, which I did not feel impressed.
So called the oldest street store for beef which they he operated more than 70 years at Peking road near by Metro park hotel I even did not try as for the aroma was not appealing.
We went to a local shop for they recommended Curry beef, I did not like… The Pork Chip Bao which said to be one of the local favourite, the taste is not even better than the Hamburger in MacDonald. I had been to one of the best Wanton Noodles, but the Wanton was not good at all, just can be in par of the ordinary wanton noodle in Hong Kong Local Tai Pai Donng.
I intended to go To To House, but they have been moved to Taipa, so I did not want to go as I was in Rua De Pequim (Peking Street), What I notice s is the almost 95% of the tourist would buy from one particular shop for Macao Delicacies and roasted meat slices, Almond cakes, peanut candies, that tell us the Marketing and TV media does help to promote the selling. We had a dinner recommended by a hotel staff, the food I took is Ox Tail, that is too salty. Well, it seems I had no good satisfaction on my taste buds in these few days, That was not a good trip as I hardly can find a good place for food…
Well, if you do not gamble, do go like to involve yourself in those night life … and if you are not intending to buy watches, then Macao Seems will not be a good place for your vacation.
But I do have some of my deepest thought of This Little place. The Rich Chinese, there are 490,000 Chinese who has RMB10,000,000.. and this number will grow at a rate of 18% a year, where do they spend their Money! Other Than Shopping in HK, so naturally, the Macao!
Every where is Chinese, Rich Chinese, At least I have seen 20 Gold Rolex Day Date in one night along the street, mostly Yellow Gold, means that the Yellow Gold is the favourite choice for Rolex for Those Chinese…Omega, once in a while an AP Perpetual Calendar.
They ate all lingering in the Lisboa Casinos or the Venetians… They all wear Louis Vitton or Gucci bags, Nice Italian Shoes and Aquascutum suit with the label still sticking on the left sleeves.
They spent ten thousand token on the gambling table as I spend ten dollar.
Beside the street, you can see a lot of Pawn Shops, and by a rough estimation, I think there are at east 500 Pawn Shops in Macao
They all carry Rolex. And you can see a lot of Rolex. Of course can not find those Antique One. Or rare Colour dial Like Purple, Yellow or Orange…
I can estimate that there are at least 150,000 Rolex in the Shops of Macao, next is Omega, AP, Piaget, and PP….
Price!!? They are marked up at least 200-300% as that price of in Hong Kong. Some of the used Rolex is almost the same price of the new stock in Rolex Shop of Hong Kong. Well, they are preparing for your negotiation, as Chinese Like to negotiation. But some how if they do not know the price, even after less 50% discount, the article you buy is possible still more expensive than those watch of the same type as in Hong Kong…
So next time when you win some big bucks in the casino. And if you should not mind too much for the discount as your money is coming from Gambling… have a Happy Shopping Rolex in Macao!

HK Snob

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