Saturday, April 23, 2011

King Yin Lei is Now Open for Public Visit

5 Hong Kong Heritage Sites
Amid Hong Kong's race to build the biggest, newest and tallest buildings, it is humbling to remember the structures that date from the city's early days. Commissioner for Heritage Laura Aron chooses her favorite classic Hong Kong buildings Aron works on the adaptive reuse of government-owned historic buildings. She tries to strike a balance between development and conservation when revamping these beautiful, frail old structures.
King Yin Lei
This mansion garnered huge media attention during the "Save King Yin Lei Campaign" in 2004. It was the first historic building in Hong Kong to be Protected by the government through land exchange with its previous owner, setting a precedent in the city’s heritage conservation work. Built in 1937, King Yin Lei changed prosperous hands several times over the years. In 2007, a purchaser who remains anonymous began demolition and renovation work, causing extensive damage to the building’s roof and flooring. Attentive neighbours and the government halted the demolition. While King Yin Lei is currently off-limits to the public, It is now open for Public visit for two weeks! Entry Ticket is free for distribution.
King Yin Lei, 45 Stubbs Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
2. The HK University Hall
3. Blue House Clusters
Blue House Clusters, 72, 72A, 74 & 74A Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai
4. Tung Wah Museum
Tung Wah Museum, Kwong Wah Hospital, 25 Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei
5. Central Police Compound

There are a lot of heritage buildings that have been demolished by Government of Hong Kong, such as the Central Post office that was torn down in 1976. When I visited Macao, Penang and Melecca, and Recently in Macao, I still can see their Post office standing proudly in front of me there untouched over 100 years. Hong Kong on side is rich apparently but we are poor in maintaining our Pretitious buildings… that most of the Hong Kong People won’t forget…. Government is looking for Short terms benefit and their job security in the Government. Doing Less whereby making less Mistakes as the Old Stubborn Chinese Official Slogan. no vision for city plan, no protection of the Heritage Building… Everyone sitting at the Legislative council day dreaming or hysterically throwing banana as monkey show for public .Working on how to create more Value for themselves with the Building developers which are in fact The Hong Kong Gangers dressed in cashmere suits.

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