Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is Hong Kong a Shopping Paradise?!

This is a fake Samsung 500GB Hard disk, using just a

128MB Flask memory

and two ballast nuts as togive the right Weight of the Disk
One guy brought this failed 500GB hard drive to service center because of some problems of stoppage when viewing a large video. When workers of the center opened it they were very surprised, because there was... 128 Mb flash drives inside instead of the 500GB hard drive. The man explained that he bought this fake Samsung HDD in a Chinese store. Be careful what you buy… There is always Smart Fake Copy cat… but all we need a little bit smarter buying checks... and I believe we should always buying form a trustful stores whatever… watches, Camera, shoes…hand bag… As I had said that it happened in Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui stores: When you buy a Nikon lens by cash as they offer you a special price of that lens, after you got back Hotel and open to see a bottle of Coca Cola! When you complained to the police, the invoice address name are different as the shop you went for… So please check the followings: VISA slip record for the name of the shop. Check the printed name and address on the official invoice before you leave If possible looks at how they pack your goods. Only go for the big name that is recommended by the Watch Company. There is no cheap watch for Rolex For example… the maximum discount is less 5% to less 15% for Rolex in Hong Kong depending on which model you are looking for. Buy from someone you know. Do not deposit money for some model that is not available at the shop I had intended to buy a shirt for my little daughter but could not find her size “S” And the beautiful shop keeper told me to full pay the amount of $1400 in order to order and the good will is available in 2 days. I said. Sorry, I do not like this practice. No one pay the full amount for unseen Goods... I think you know this shop :JUICYGXXL. Which is a chain store fashion cloth for youngsters. Do not buy coupons…that come with an attractive discount as a sales Gadget... Many of the companies are running with his trick for money as who know when they will close the company and run away… I still do not trust buying from uncertain Web sites for some thing like watches, jeweler as I think they can not be trusted. There are many shop selling goods with such kind of price tag HKD$49.99 but I have to pay cash HKD$50 .. I had argued with some of the shop keepers in Mong Kok Centre, they said I have to pay HKD$50.00 but I turned out to leave the shop… of course the sales ladies would cursed me such a stingy old chap!… but this is a commercial World, Why I have to pay more on what I have to pay for…and I can accept to pay by VISA for the exact amount HKD$99.99 not HKD$100.00!? You can see at least 30% of the two hundred in Mong Kok Centre are doing business this way… Is it because Chinese are So much Superstitious about 99.99 as "9' means "Long Life" in Cantonese Prounication… Why they did not put HKD$99.9999999… then? Old Chinese teaches us: People can cheat your money because of Greedy… Answering to the title: Is Hong Kong a real shopping paradise!? Yes, When you are Smart! and ..not Greedy! Wish you had a Happy Shopping In Hong Kong! HK Snob

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