Thursday, March 31, 2011

Killing field at Kesen -numa in Miyagi Prefecture

The Above killing scene has been shoved away by Tsunami on 11 March 2011
11 March, the severe Tsunami has destroyed the Whole City of Kesen-numa in Miyagi prefecture. This may be a relief of ten thousand of sharks who may not be killed, as Kesen-numa is a place that used to be the killing field of 90% of the Shark in Japanese Waters. Do not EAT shark fin as if you do so, you are encouraging the Fishermen to kill sharks. I have stopped eating Shark fin many years ago... and I have refused to go for any wedding dinner that they serve Shark Fin Soup at the 2nd Chinese traditional dish to the guests. The shark fin soup makes me think of the horrible scene…as shown… The City of kesen-unma used to slaughter some 315,000 tons of sharks for their hearts and fins selling to these Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwan…in juts two days of July 2009, The Hong Kong Photographer Alex Hofford witnessed the killing scene himself in Kesen-numa in Miyagi Prefecture. They have “handled” 119 tons of Prionaceglaucaof (噸大青鯊), 10 tons of (Lamnaditropis(鼠鯊), 3 tons of Isurusoxyrinchus( 短鰭尖吻鯖魚), A few tons of Thunnusthynnus (藍鰭金槍魚). The Sharks have no intension to hurt any human… just because the Chinese is likely classified the shark fin is one of the expensive and delicious recipe…There are so many delicious replacement for Shark fin soup in the Chinese Dinner! Can we behave a bit civilized!?

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