Monday, March 28, 2011

How Wealthy You are?

Put in this way if you earn USD$400,000.00 a year after tax. You may be the top 0.08% top salary of all human being on Earth… What do you feel? I have some friends that he told me, though he earns that kind of money a year… he feels boring, he has no interests in any kinds of hobby, no kids, no cars, got a big house for him and his wife. He spends 120% his time on his job! Seldom smile at all. He says that he does not know to spend money,,, does not feel any interests in anything except work…Feel lonely as he has limited number of real friends. He wears cotton causal wear, shirt, a Japanese digital Analogue watch… he likes smoking… going for retirement.

Well, another one is not rich, little income of less than USD$50,000.00; just barely enough to spend. He likes Collection Vinyl, Watches, Hi Fi, Vacuum Tubes. He has a crush on one beautiful woman…he loves his two beautiful daughters belonging to two different wives. He has passion on his works, he knows when to stop work and go for a drink of home dinner. He smiles always, many people come to talk to him as he got sense of humour! He likes practicing Kung Fu, Hiking, drinks top-Five Chateau Red wine, has a lot friends, drives a Porsche Cayence, at least two more women in love with him…but he does not have time for... He has enough happiness in life and not regret for being lifestyle like this… You can make a choice, all depends on your willing to be a happy man work to live, not live to work.

Who do you prefer to be?

HK Snob


jeff said...

no. 2.. but usd50k is a bit too low

HK Snob said...

Hi Jeff,
Yes, but this is my good friends, his name is Kelvin. As far as I know, one of his mistresses is very rich.... She bought the Porsche as Birthday present... So his prime salary of just USD$50K is not important at all. So he can enjoy life with his time after work.