Sunday, February 13, 2011

What should we do in the Saint Valentines day…?

Give a Kiss to your beloved in the morning.
Call up your daughters, mother and say” you Love her,,,, without her, there is no such Thing “You!”

Call up you beloved one and talk to her that “you Love her”

If she is your girl friend, say yes to marry her with a date, if she is your mistress, tell her you will divorce with your wife and marry her.

Send your ex-girls friends, ex-wives greeting in form of SMS or by means of phone calls. That is an important occasion to bring back some sweet memories.

Try to send your beloved one piece of Rose… 99, 999, or 9999 pieces of roses are not necessary as that is too showy…leave those flowers for the rich celebrities.

Pray and wish you beloved will die before you do… as if she loves you, she does not want to see you die first.. She can not stand that kind of loneliness. At least a few women told me that they do prefer to die before I…

Start from Today, work harder to save up money for you future Plan for Love.

Wish Every year you have some one to think of….at least some one…

Don't be a lonely in these Saint Valentines’s Day…no matter man or woman.

If you are single woman of 40, ask some one to buy flowers and send to your office… I don't mind doing that for you if you prepay the money to me in advance.

Wish all the beloved one had their dream coming true in this great Day of the year.

HK Snob

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